Summer is well on its way, and engaged couples lucky enough to be planning a wedding have a huge and wonderful variety of themes and decoration tips to choose from. Aside from the obvious benefit of the outdoors and (hopefully) nice weather, there are numerous other advantages to be taken from a summer wedding. Here are our favorites.

Going al fresco

Having your reception and/or ceremony outside opens up windows of themes for your summer wedding ideas. Whether you are hiring out a local park, a stunning private garden, or money saving with hosting at a family garden, the glorious weather will automatically add a beautiful atmosphere and mood to the occasion. Decorations can be as simple or elaborate as you like, making use of nearby trees and trellises for hanging lights.

zara zoo

Photo credit: Zara Zoo


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Vintage, natural, and DIY decorations

An outside or natural themed wedding lends itself to many money saving tips and tricks. A great and fun activity for decorating is home-made bunting, which you can personalize to reflect the two of you and your family. Why not also try a rustic and vintage approach by using buckets, wheelbarrows, and carts adorned with flowers, candles, and dried fruit? From mason jar candle holders to barrel beer coolers, rustic is very in.

my lovely weddingPhoto credit: My Lovely Wedding

 melissa rae

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Bright and bold colors

Find colors in nature for your color palette inspiration. Stick to a maximum of three colors so as not to overdo it, and adorn your invitations, table settings, and favors accordingly. We love lime green and coral, yellow and grey, and shades of pinks and blues.

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 on the go bride

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Naked wedding cake

The trend of the naked wedding cake has been taking off with great speed over the last couple of years, and there is no better time to embrace it than a summer wedding. Go simple and bare, covered with fresh, colorful berries. Yum!


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Break the wedding dress rules

If you are feeling summery, don’t feel like you have to stick to a certain color, style, or length. Summer is the perfect time to bring out a little color in your dress, especially floral. If you’re not feeling floor-length, why not try knee-length or tea-length? For a modern look, a crop top two-piece is especially stunning.


love my dress wendyPhoto credit: Love My Dress/ Wendy Makin


Wild flowers

Maybe your still is sleek and styled, or maybe you veer more towards a wild and natural look. Wild flower bouquets and arrangements are perfect if you’re the latter. Messy and full of color, they are a beautiful complement for a summer wedding, especially if your ceremony is in a wooded area. Embrace your boho chic!

berry treePhoto credit: Berry Tree Photography


Summer hair

Natural beachy waves or a messy updo with loose tendrils are great wedding ideas for your summer celebration. If you aren’t a fan of a veil or large headpiece, ask your florist to make a bright hair piece to pin at the back, or even a simple flower crown.


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