Inside or outside venues, color or black and white photos – lighting affects the look of your wedding makeup. And chances are, you’re not wearing your day-to-day makeup either, so it’s important to understand how what you put on your face will look in your wedding photos – after all, you’ll be preserving them for years to come in your wedding album.

Beautiful Bride with Picture Perfect Wedding Makeup

Not too bright, not too dull: Some things, no matter the lighting or film, will never look good in photos. Glitter is one of those things. That means avoiding powders and blushes that contain mica, which can reflect too much light in photos and come across excessively shiny. The same is true for foundation with SPF. This is especially important to avoid if you know your photographer will be using flash a lot. But even if you have a non-mica powder, use it sparingly. Too much powder can dull and flatten your face in photos.

Try out a primer: Most women, including those who wear makeup on a daily basis, don’t go the extra step to use primer in their morning routine. For your wedding makeup, however, it’s worth it. You’ll want to get both foundation primer and eye shadow primer. It’s a light, creamy-cool base that goes on before any of your other makeup. It helps makeup go on smoother, last longer and look better. Some primers come in color-correcting formula to help even out skin tone – a must for a photo-ready face. Check out these reviews of primers from, which includes Smashbox Cosmetics’ color-correcting primers, which come in different formulas depending on whether you want to reduce redness, hide under-eye circles or balance yellow skin tones.

Picture-Perfect Wedding Makeup

Daytime prep: If you’re getting married in the daytime, make sure you put your makeup on in front of a window, not in the artificial light of a bathroom. Light during the day will make any skin imperfections more obvious, so evening out your skin tone with a foundation is even more important.

Black and white: If you know your wedding photographer will be shooting in mostly black and white film, there are some extra wedding makeup considerations. First, know that black and white photos can mute skin flaws – the contrast is greater so the minor imperfections blend away. But also remember that softer makeup won’t show up as well, and dark makeup will look extra-dark. You’ll want to highlight your cheekbones and use bronzer underneath of emphasize your face contour. Red lipstick calls for a bit of caution – it can look black on film, so if you want to use it, make sure that’s the look you want. Also go with matte formulas for face makeup so it doesn’t reflect too much. For more tips, check out’s pointers from the makeup artist Kim Rozell.

beauty tips for picture perfect wedding makeup

Dry run: Whether you’re doing your wedding makeup yourself or hiring someone, it’s essential to test it out at least once. Get all done up, then have your picture taken – in bright light, in shade, indoors, outdoors, flash no flash. Try it all to make sure all the products, and the way the products are applied, looks good on camera.


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