6 Tips for Creating Family Photo Albums

So you're ready to put together a family photo album. Now what? Which images should you absolutely have in your album and which others can be left out? We know a lot of people put off their albums - you're not alone! But getting organized is the first and most important step in getting that [...]

The Art of Birth Photography

To continue our Storytelling series, we are taking a close look at birth photography. Many of you guys loved our post on The Art of Storytelling: Children, so we're going with our kids theme again. Birth photography has come a long way. More and more people are wanting to capture their child's very first moments [...]

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18 Perfect Moments in Sibling Photography

It's been said that siblings are friends given to us by nature, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the instance when a patient or fortunate photographer captures the spark between brothers and sisters. Though all family photographs are capable of evoking a variety of feel-good emotions, sibling photography often has that special something that [...]

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Make a Photo Album of Your Child’s Artwork

Childhood is so fleeting. Ask any parent and they will tell you, "they grow up so fast." As parents, aunts, and uncles, we want to capture and hold onto every funny thing said, every silly expression, and bottle each memory. And not just the posed family photos and the, "say cheese!" moments; we want to [...]

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A Great Gift for New Moms

We've all been hearing a lot about "push presents" over the last few years. You know, gifts you give your wife or partner for delivering your child. Diamond bands, necklaces, new handbags - all pretty much the standards. Forget the bling; we think that a digital camera is a great gift for new moms. Here [...]

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The Art of Storytelling: Children

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We are big believers in the ability of a photograph to tell a unique story. One that has never been told before and will never repeat itself again. We are starting a new series about just this: The Art of Storytelling. People often associate beautiful leather [...]

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