5 Ways to Get Great Childrens Photos

Kids are some of the easiest and exciting, yet challenging and exhausting of subjects to photograph. They seem to have an endless amount of energy yet point the camera at them and its like a deer in headlights. One of the questions we see a lot is, "How can I get my children to cooperate [...]

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Its Ok to Put Down the Camera

If you're a photographer, you already know and appreciate the importance of capturing important moments. Getting behind your camera offers you a front row seat so some of the most prominent and personal moments in peoples lives. What about your own life? If you're like me, there are way more photos of your family and [...]

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Get Great Photos in Low Light

Halloween is almost here! You may be in need of some helpful tips for capturing some moody (and even spooky) photos of your little ghosts and goblins - in low light. Just because the days are getting shorter, doesn't mean your photos don't have to pay the price. Getting good images in low light is [...]

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5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Newborn Shoot

I don't know about you guys, but there's something in the water over here. So many people suddenly having babies! Its a great time to have a baby (isn't any?) there are tons of holiday themes and fun season props you can use, as well as upcoming holiday cards to send out. Why not have [...]

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5 of Our Favorite Fall Photo Locations

With Fall officially in full swing, we're hoping you're taking advantage of the brisk days, beautiful backdrops, and incredible light, in your photography! Fall is a great time to for engagement, family, wedding, and portrait photography. Practically anywhere you go will be beautiful, and the weather will be refreshingly cool - but not yet cold [...]

Capture Real Emotion in Your Child Photography

Have you ever imagined you'd be intimidated by a kid? You're probably past that age where the bully on the playground intimidates you. Hopefully, anyway. But I'm talking about a whole other beast: child photography. My first time photographing kids had me up the night before. I don't have kids; I'm probably going to be [...]

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10 Photos to Take on Baby’s First Day

Baby's here — now capture all the details of the day before you forget them! Though a new mama has enough to on her plate, ensuring that her lil one's arrival is photographed is often at the top on her list. When you're planning the arrival of a new baby, you want to make sure you [...]

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Fall Photo Ideas: 8 Gorgeous Images of Little Munchkins with Fall Photo Props

Like lots of people, we welcome fall with open arms. What's not to love? Football, Halloween, beautifully colored leaves falling from elegant trees, the list goes on. One of our favorite parts of fall is the endless amount of photo opportunities for kids young and old. Just like summer, fall has its own set of [...]

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5 Fun Photo book Ideas

Photo books have become insanely popular in the last few years. It seems there are countless companies that have popped up advertising every color and style you can imagine. Thinking of creating your first photo book but unsure where to start? We have a few options and 5 fun photo book ideas to inspire you [...]

5 Photos to Take on the First Day of School

Back to school season is officially upon us. Some kids have already gone back, while others head back right after Labor Day. This is arguably the most exciting - and nerve wracking - time for parents. Whether you are watching your little one leave the nest for the first time, or consider yourself a seasoned [...]

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