The heavy dress. The high heels. The sun. The stress. There are so many things that could make you uncomfortable on your big day – all things you don’t want to be bothered with in the first place. The good news is many of these things can be avoided on your wedding day.

Step 1: Feel your best by preparing ahead of time with healthy meals and exercise. Even if you don’t start an exercise regimen early enough to lose weight, you’ll still feel extra toned and have more energy. Plus, it’s a great stress-reliever. Reduce your sodium intake to avoid bloating, and stay away from beans and lentils, which can cause gas. And, at your rehearsal dinner especially, steer clear of rich, fatty foods and too much alcohol.

Step 2: Be prepared. Eliminate some of the fuss and worry with an emergency kit that includes lip balm, safety pins, bobby pins, mints, a mini deodorant, face powder, oil blotting sheets, eye drops and ibuprofen. If you’re ready for any emergency, you’ll be better able to relax.

Make sure your wedding dress fits you perfectly

Make sure your wedding dress fits you perfectly

Step 3: Secure the valuables! And by valuables, we mean your hair and your dress. Make sure your dress fits you perfectly, so you don’t feel like you need to constantly readjust it, pulling it up, twisting it around, etc. That means not skimping on the alterations. It may take two or three fittings to get it right. As for your hair, extra spray, extra bobby pins, extra everything. Make it (or have your stylist make it) so secure the only time you’ll have to worry about it is when you’re taking off you veil on wedding day.

Step 4: Keep your feet happy. It’s tempting to pick shoes that look fabulous, but unless they’re comfortable to walk around in for eight hours, pass. Yep, even if they’re the most gorgeous shoes you’ve ever seen at bargain basement prices. Skip them. Be strong. Find shoes that fit well and provide support. If you end up with something strappy, buy little ball-of-the-foot cushions. And for heaven’s sake, walk around in them a bit before the wedding to break them in and see if they’re likely to give you blisters anywhere. You may also want to consider having a second pair of shoes to change into partway through the day – like another pair of flats. If you have a long dress, no one will notice anyways.

keep your feet happy on wedding day

Keep your feet happy on wedding day

Step 5: Stay cool. Whether you’re getting married at the height of summer of the middle of winter, the excitement and movement will warm you up fast. Get some strong deodorant – the kind with antiperspirant – and waterproof makeup (for the tears and the possible sweat!). Women’s shapewear, the shorts kind, can also be helpful in wicking away moisture and keeping your legs from chafing. Footless pantyhose or tights also do the trick. And most importantly, don’t forget the water. Between all the activity and all the alcohol, you’ll get dehydrated fast. Take a drink of water now and then even if you think you’re not thirsty.