Wedding Abroad? 3 Things Your Guests Need to Know

If you are planning a wedding abroad, you are in for a bit of extra planning, and a bit of extra informing. But, the extra work will be worth it when you are looking at wedding albums of your nuptials. Before you pack your suitcases, here are three things that you should tell your guests [...]

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2017 Wedding Trends

While the rest of the world is still getting to grips with writing 2017 in dates, and looking forward to a whole new year, the fashion world is way ahead. With Spring lines already in progress, we have plenty of hints as to 2017’s wedding trends that suit weddings of all style. Vintage and modern [...]

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50 Wedding Mistakes Brides Often Make

Planning a wedding can be a minefield for a bride. From little to large, there are a ton of wedding mistakes and pitfalls every bride falls prey to. It’s not surprising when this may very well be the first wedding you have ever planned. There are flowers, guests, outfits, jewelry, and millions of other things [...]

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