Living in the age of technology, it’s not entirely surprising to see that brides and grooms now have more options than ever for capturing their special day. One of the newest and most rapidly growing trends in wedding videography is the use of GoPro cameras or drones (one photography company calls them “quad-copters” to avoid the connotation of war zones).

As the technology advances and becomes more readily available, more and more couples are opting to have an electronic, un-manned option for capturing some of the most unique wedding videography ever. This video is an excellent example. Editors can excellently pair the edited aerial shots from a drone with upbeat, adventurous music to give audiences a feel for the essence of the wedding.

This drone and GoPro video collaboration is obviously set out to represent the romantic day that was this couple’s wedding, but editing and beautiful shots of their beach venue and the positive vibe that soared throughout the wedding also show how happy these two are to be marrying each other and give the final product a party vibe. Can you think of a better reason to party?

Of course, like everything, there are pros and cons to this route, though the perks of using these methods for wedding videography seem to drastically outweigh the downsides. Results, as well as conditions, will be slightly different depending on whether you opt for a GoPro or a drone camera (or both), but in general, you can expect the same amazing advantages.

No matter which option you choose, rest assured your photographer will be able to capture images of your wedding day from angles and aspects that would never be possible with a hand-held camera. Getting married on a gorgeous beach with clear blue water? A drone can capture all of that, not just from eye-level.

In fact, drones and GoPro cameras can offer some of the most unique ways of saving the memory of your wedding forever. Some brides choose to host the cameras in their bouquets, giving viewers a rare look at what the big day was like through their eyes. Other photographers may carefully position these self-acting, extremely flexible cameras to catch the faces and expressions of the bride and groom in situations that would otherwise be intrusive. One wedding party even attached their GoPro to a whiskey bottle, then passed it around behind the scenes! Talk about a unique way to encapsulate your friends and family as their true personalities at your special event.

These photographers and their GoPro helpers even managed to make this beautiful wedding feel more like an entire vacation. Less a one-day event celebrating a marriage and more a chronicle of two people celebrating their lifetime of love with friends and family, easily accessible speed effects and time lapsing send this couple’s wedding video from the realm of touching home videos to high quality emotional film making. All with the help of an electronic plus one.

Even if you’re not keen on leaving the photography of the biggest day of your life in the hands of a machine, GoPro cameras and drones can be excellent side kicks for your professional photographer. Not only can they be in places your human photo talent can’t (think right behind the ceremony master during vows, without causing a big scene), since the cameras generally operate on their own, you’re sure to get footage of the wedding that even two pros working their hardest might not be able to catch, including commentary from your great aunt Catherine, or a few hilarious moments of your niece learning a two step.

Undoubtedly you’ve got plenty of questions about just how these drones and cameras work during the event, but the biggest and most important question is: Are you ready to embrace this revolutionary wedding video technology?