Wedding Trends: Wedding Cake Alternatives

Every part of your wedding is unique to you – the ceremony, decoration, music – so why not the cake? More and more weddings are veering off the traditional path and choosing modern, colorful, and personalized wedding cake alternatives. If you’re in the camp of the not-so-traditional, here are some delicious and decorative wedding cake alternative ideas.

Brownie tower

If you’re a chocoholic, then opt for a brownie tower in lieu of a tiered cake. Lightly covered in icing sugar and decorated with berries, flowers, or whatever you want, the advantage here is every piece has already been cut. Easy and yummy.

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Cute and colorful cupcakes

Cupcakes are fast becoming a favorite for lots of weddings. Also having an advantage of single servings, you can color co-ordinate and have some fun with these. Whether you’re choosing an assortment, or a selection of 2 or 3 colors and flavors arranged accordingly, these look cute, modern, and delectable.

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For a touch francais, a popular modern option is the croquembouche, mini French puff pastries stacked into a neat tower. This one is simple and stunning, and can be personalized with your own decoration; flowers, fruits, ribbons, or spun sugar all look elegant and picture perfect.

milou and olinPhoto credit: Milou and Olin Photography

Tarts and pies

Bring it home with a classic home-cooked style pie or tart. Choose 3 or 4 fillings – apple, blueberry, rhubarb – and tier them like a traditional cake, or lay them out as a spread. This is a particularly apt wedding cake idea if your theme is vintage or revolves around home and family. Alternatively, you could mirror the cupcake idea with mini fruit tarts. Pick a few different fillings and cover the table with color.

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Cheese cake

This is not cheesecake, but a cheese cake. That’s right – for all you cheese lovers, you can choose a savory option, and it’s guaranteed to go down a storm. Starting at the top with a modest block of brie or goats cheese, graduate down to the bottom tier with a hearty piece of yarg or camembert. Cover with grapes and admire.

bride bubblePhoto credit: Bride Bubble

Fondue fountain

This one not only tastes amazing, but maintains and replenishes its beautiful exterior as well. Once it is set up, all you need to do is put out an array of foods for dipping: marshmallows, strawberries, mini donuts…is your mouth watering yet?

37 frames photogprahyPhoto credit: 37 Frames Photography

 Go nuts for donuts

If you’re always stopping by Krispy Kreme, make it part of your wedding! Stack a tower of donuts with all different frostings on top for a simple yet stunning display. Better yet, instead of cutting the cake, have some frosting ready to pour over the tower together.

hitchedPhoto credit: Hitched

Shot glasses of dessert

Maybe you have a few desserts you just can’t choose between. You don’t have to; take a few of your favorites and make mini versions in shot glasses. It looks great, and everybody gets lots of choice.

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