Remember how the world went nuts when they saw the unconventional beauty of Kate Middleton’s ring? Obviously, when you’re royalty, finding something unusual, beautiful and unearthly expensive isn’t too much of a problem (especially if it’s already in the family). Luckily, for us norms, there are heaps of non-traditional and affordable options. If you’re looking for a ring to reflect your personality, take some time to fall in love with these stunning ideas.

Striking color

Take inspiration from Olivia Wilde’s gorgeous engagement jewel that is ringed with a dazzling emerald. The green color – purported to have been chosen to match her eyes – really makes the ring pop, so if you want something simple but eye-catching, look out for more stunningly colorful rings. Our picks are vibrant blues and greens.

snows jewleryPhoto credit: Snows Jewelry

A cut above the rest

Who’s to say what cut you should have for your ring? Where the more traditional route might be an oval or round shape, there are many varieties to choose from. Triangle and pear-shaped are simple but beautiful, and you can even opt for heart- and diamond-shaped. There is a world of possibilities if you discuss with a jeweler…just bear in mind what shape your wedding ring will have to be to fit snugly beside it.

huffpo-lumafinaPhoto credit: Huffington Post/Lumafina

Bring out the band

If you prefer a plain gem but want a little more from your ring, don’t forget about the band. From beautiful leaf designs, to multiple intertwining bands and many more intricate shapes, the band is an important part of the ring that is often overlooked.

ritaniPhoto credit: Ritani


Photo credit: McCaul


If you have always loved pearl or peridot, or maybe you have a special connection to your birthstone – how amazing would amethyst look?! –  then look into having a ring including it. Always check with your jeweler as to the wear of the gem – the harder, the more durable – and for which cuts and settings would work best.

Some rare and beautiful finds we have discovered are topaz (pictured below), a dark and incredible onyx, and the luscious lapis lazuli, a royal blue with subtle gold flecks. These may take a little trouble finding, but if you have your eye on one already, what are you waiting for?

moonkistPhoto credit: Moonkist Designs

Antique and unique

If you have an heirloom in the family, then lucky you! Family and antique rings are truly one of a kind and hard to replicate. A professional clean and re-sizing is all you need for this to look perfect on your finger (and don’t forget to insure it). Here are some of our favorites.

lady rose vintage engagement ring

Photo credit: Lady Rose Vintage Jewels


For the alternative couple, tattoo rings are a fun, modern, and creative way of really setting your engagement in stone. Perhaps you aren’t the jewelry type, or perhaps you want a design that can only be represented in ink; it doesn’t have to look like a ring at all. You can choose a symbol, a design, a picture, or words and numbers. Either way, this unconventional ring will certainly look amazing and truly exclusive!

offbeat bride tattoo ringPhoto credit: Offbeat Bride

Tiny vs Mighty

Who says engagement rings have to be a certain size? If your hands would look ridiculous with a delicate band, and you prefer chunkier jewelry, then opt for a thicker band and/or centerpiece. Alternatively, you may have super-delicate hands, which would lend itself to a smaller ring. We just love minimalist rings. Subtle, slender, stunning.

etsyPhoto credit: Etsy

 design works studio

Photo credit: Design Works Studio

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