The age of technology is upon us, and you basically can’t escape it, so why not embrace it? For tech nerds out there, this could mean a true wedding of your dreams, with technology coming out of your ears. For those not so enthusiastic, there are plenty of subtle additions you may be surprised to find you enjoy.

GoPro Wedding

GoPros have taken off in a huge way in recent years, and what better opportunity to use them than a wedding? Attach one to your bouquet, your tie, or a bottle of alcohol that is passed around. You will capture some truly candid moments, and will have real fun putting the night’s shenanigans to music.

everly studios drinking bottle wedding goproPhoto credit: Everly Studios

Drone photography

This may sound like the least romantic thing in the world, but just imagine the possibilities when it comes to your wedding photography. With aerial footage, incredible angles, and fantastic scenery shots, it’s no surprise that wedding drones are becoming increasingly popular.

with this ring drone wedding party in backgroundPhoto credit: With This Ring


Ditch the guestbook – who reads the whole thing anyway? – and get yourself a Speechbooth. A modern guestbook meets speech recorder, it allows your guests to say a few words, do a little dance, or whatever they want on camera with a microphone and amazing lighting. Guests are able to choose who the message is for, and Speechbooth will even compile the video messages together. A beautiful and modern way of making and keeping memories.

Wedding Video Booth – Introducing SpeechBooth from SpeechBooth on Vimeo.

Heart rate monitor

Track your heart rate all day and match it up to the exact moments leading up to “I do”. Not only will you see your activity throughout the day, but what your nerves and heart rate were like during those crucial wedding moments. You can go as simple as your FitBit, or splash out on a more expensive Apple Watch. The two of you can look back at the peak moments together, and even frame the results!

delirious weddings groom closed eyesPhoto credit: Delirious Weddings

Futuristic wedding cake

Started by Disney, projections on wedding cakes can be stunning, and you don’t have to stick to just princesses and fairies. You can choose whatever you want to be projected onto your cake like an interactive – and delicious – slideshow. From photos of the two of you, romantic quotes from literature, or song lyrics, your cake can be decorated any way you want.

bride and blossom led cake cinderellaPhoto credit: Bride and Blossom

Charging station

It may drive you crazy for people to be worried about their phones on your wedding day, but after all, your guests are your free photographers. Capturing some frame-worthy shots and hilarious videos of the day’s antics, you want to make sure everybody is charged up and ready to go to ensure some great memory making.

philly magPhoto credit: Philly Mag

smoothie drone at weddingPhoto banner credit: Your Big Day