Nature is totally in right now; whether you’re having an outdoors wedding, or want to bring the outdoors to your indoors wedding, brides everywhere are going mad for a more ‘back to basics’ look on their big day. If you want berries in your hair and foliage in your favors, now is the time to go for it. Check out our adorable and very do-able wedding ideas for a natural style celebration.


If there is one trend that brides are picking up right now, it’s flower crowns and head pieces. Talk to your florist about what kind of style would suit you and embrace your inner hippy. This looks extra stunning if you are a fiery redhead.

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Think leaf-shaped cufflinks or vine-like necklaces for simple but beautiful additions to catch people’s eyes. These subtle nature style wedding ideas are details that really make a difference and add to your overall theme.

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The options for wedding favors are endless, so get creative and personal with this one. Perhaps you could source a local farm and provide local, hand-made honey or jelly pots, or even small pots of fruit. If you are very hands-on, why not make your own soap or candles? A very simple but long-lasting favorite of ours is seeds or a budding plant. Your guests will have something to remember your wedding for years to come!

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Table settings

Log centerpieces? Yes! Wild flowers in jars and mini cacti in pots? Why not! Going for a nature inspired wedding theme is all about embracing the messiness and haphazard order. Nature isn’t organized and structured; it’s wild and magnificent. How about a moss-covered tablecloth, or pebbled table runner? The possibilities are endless! 

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Don’t forget the cake! Believe it or not, you can incorporate your nature theme with your wedding cake, for a stunning and rustic look. Some of them look complicated beyond our belief, and would definitely require a clever cake decorator. However, for money saving tips, you can go for simple additions, like a log cake stand, wild flower decorations, and sprigs of berries and artfully placed vines and sticks for an easy DIY nature cake.

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Of course, one of the simplest ways to inject a huge dose of nature in your wedding is to host it outside. Beside a lake, by a wood, or in an open field, outdoor weddings are a beautiful way to celebrate in style and nature. You can never have too many lights for an outside wedding, and what better backdrop to a picture than a moonlit, star-filled sky?

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Invitations and name cards

Here’s where you can get really creative, and with plenty of money saving tips to boot. Raid your local craft store and spend a few hours making invitations and name cards with an adorable nature theme. We love tree silhouettes and plant stamps in particular. Name cards can include anything from foliage to dried leaves, logs, and pine cones. Easy to make and beautiful to admire.

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