If you’re the kind of person who lives a low-maintenance lifestyle, it’s unlikely that you will be opting for a big blowout wedding. Contrary to what you may find in bridal magazines and Instagram, low-maintenance weddings are totally a thing, and a popular one, too. While it’s obvious you can save tons if you are looking for money-saving ideas, sometimes it’s just about what suits you. Here are some beautifully simplified wedding ideas.

Throw away traditions you don’t want

Not every tradition is a good one, and if they don’t suit you, don’t feel tied to having them in your wedding. Being passed from father to husband like a kept woman? So not 21st century. If you’re not feeling the flower toss, toasts or gift bags then simply cut them out. You can streamline your wedding to exactly what you want, making it more personalized along the way.

kiwliPhoto credit: Kiwli

Do your own music

There is no wedding law stating the need for a DJ or a band. Make your own! With an iPod and a decent sound system, all you need is a playlist. Go to Spotify for wedding music inspiration, or spend a whole evening with your other half picking out some dancefloor hits. Fun, cheap, easy.


High on most people’s wedding planning checklist is the dress, but this doesn’t mean you have to trawl through designer stores and spend half your budget. You can just as easily find a second hand dress for a fraction of the price. The groom also doesn’t have to conform to any particular style or price. Maybe he already has a favorite, comfy suit – tweed, plain black, whatever. Tradition is old hat. As for bridesmaids and groomsmen (if you’re having them), many low-maintenance couples let them wear what they want. It saves you a lot of trouble when it comes to arranging dress fittings, for sure!

society bridePhoto credit: Society Bride


Who says you have to have dinner?

If you choose to have an earlier ceremony, an increasingly popular wedding idea is to have a wedding breakfast or brunch as the main meal. In terms of money saving, it’s high up there for pinching the pennies, but also creates an overall more relaxed and down-to-earth feel.

Get creative with some DIY

As much as you might be told you should focus on the tiny details, a low-maintenance style tries to get away from that. So you might want to DIY your invitations, name cards, and favors. Just browse Pinterest for thousands of ideas, or take a stroll around a craft store to pick up inspiration. Pretty materials, stamps, and a glue gun and you’re sorted!

mospens studioPhoto credit: Mospens Studio


Hair, makeup, nails

If you aren’t a huge makeup wearer most of the time, keep it similar for the big day. Turning it up to pornstar-level when you’re normally a natural beauty might be a bit of a shock for your groom. The same goes for your hair and nails; if you or one of your girlfriends is good at hair and manicures, then why spend time and money at the salon? Besides, no one is really going to be staring at your toes. A quick file and dash of polish will be good enough.

bridal makeup by susiePhoto credit: Bridal Makeup by Susie

Exchange a professional for a guest

A particularly lovely way of including your guests is to have them perform a function in the wedding in lieu of a wedding gift. Do you have talented cake makers, a florist, an ex-dj, or a musician among the crowd? Regardless of how ‘professional’ these may turn out to be, having your friends involved will be unique and priceless, as well as being a truly memorable wedding gift. You also won’t have the hassle of finding and dealing with vendors!

We hope these ideas inspire you to feel free to have the wedding of your (low-maintenance) dreams. Remember, it’s about the marriage, not the wedding.

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