We all know the basic structure of a wedding: ceremony, reception, cake, drinks, dress, etc. But what is it that really makes a wedding stand out? The key is in the details – this is where you can really let your creativity shine. Where one wedding may have a live band, another may choose a DJ; where one may have a magnificent church, another may go al fresco with tents and yurts in the woods. There are many more design details that are fantastic for wedding planning and might just be right up your street. What’s your style?


A theme for your wedding is something you can’t really fake – it should be unique, relevant to you and your relationship, and make sense to your guests. Whether you’re both nature lovers and you choose a more natural, woodsy style wedding, movie lovers with popcorn favors and movie clapperboards as photo props, or are obsessed with the 1920s and glamorize your wedding accordingly, a theme allows you to really get creative with your wedding ideas. Themes should be present in all the small parts: favors, invitations, chair and table decorations, drinks bar, and venue décor.

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Your outfits may be simple, but that doesn’t mean to say that your accessories should be. Accessories are often understated and pretty for weddings, but if you want bold and beautiful, with chunky necklaces, bright shoes, or patterned ties, go for it! These are the touches that make a wedding unforgettable.

Rice toss substitute

To inject more color and fun into your wedding, substitute traditional rice with party poppers, rose petals, balloons, streamers, or ribbon wands. Our personal favorite is colorful pom-poms.

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Aisle décor

Don’t forget the aisle when decorating your venue! This is the main focal point of the ceremony, and there are many ways you can experiment with decoration. Project a beautiful pattern of lights along the floor, line the aisle with flowers, lights, or candles, or even cover the area with petals and walk barefoot. This will look stunning in wedding photographs.

Arrival and departure

Arrive or leave in style any way you want, from cheap to luxurious. If your budget is on your mind and your style is vintage, buy a cheap vintage bike and ride away together. If you’ve been on holiday to London or Bangkok, why not look into hiring a classic black taxi cab or tuk tuk? If you’re feeling extravagant, you can even take off in a helicopter!

Fun photos

Okay, so many people have done it before you, and many more will afterwards, but brainstorming some crazy and fun wedding photography and putting them into practice is tons of fun. It will jazz up your photo album, get your creative juices flowing, and will definitely be a memorable detail in your special day.

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The land of the melting pot is rich with culture, and if you’re particularly in tune with yours, incorporate it into your wedding. If you have Scottish heritage, kilts are firm favorites (for some), Greek couples often incorporate a ‘stefana’ crown for both bride and groom, and Indian relatives would enjoy the beauty of Henna paint on the bride’s arms.


Often forgotten, lighting is a beautiful and not always expensive way of vamping up a wedding and a venue. A plain wood or forest can be glittering with tree lights and lanterns, and a hall can be brought to life with a blanket of lights overhead.

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