With wedding dresses becoming more and more modern, we extend the ability to integrate our creativity into our wedding planning, and have a little fun with what we wear. If you’re veering away from the traditional one-piece A-line dress, then check out the latest trend: the two-piece knockout. You also have the advantage of picking two different styles if you want; how often does it happen you love the bottom part of one dress and the top part of another? Now you can merge the two and virtually create your own wedding dress!

A little midriff

And if there’s one trend we have picked up and kept from the 90s, it’s cool and super-sexy midriff. It’s modern, it’s different, yet it still retains a beautiful and elegant appearance of a traditional wedding dress, with a teasing twist. A couple of inches of bare midriff can look incredibly sexy and high fashion at the same time.

Two-piece wedding dress with lace

Photo via Inside Weddings 

Lace and plain

Lace is of course an integral part of wedding planning, and since Kate Middleton’s infamous dress, has become very popular with brides again. Sometimes, however, all lace can be a little much. Why not try matching a plain skirt with a lace top…or vice versa? The possibilities are endless.

women with Two-piece wedding dress and veil

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If you’re super fashionable and can pull it off, go for the two-piece matching ensemble. With an overlaying effect, this is very modern and chic. A truly understated look if you get it just right.

Two-piece wedding dress vintage

Photo via The Knot

Tutus and ruffles

For those Sex and the City fans who have always wanted to emanate Sarah Jessica Parker in her crop top and tutu – now you can! A ruffled/layered skirt or a tutu teamed with a plain fitted top will look quirky, fun, and incredibly beautiful. Something to stand out from the crowd, for sure.

Two-piece wedding dress with lace and taffeta in garden

Photo via Ali Express


If you’re looking to show a little skin on your top half – perhaps you have some impressive yoga arms – do it with a classic bodice. Boned and shaped to keep you feeling secure, you can then go big and beautiful on the bottom.

Two-piece wedding dress fashion show

Photo via Martha Stewart Weddings


Who says you have to stick to one color? Mixing your white/off-white with a touch of green, gold, or even red can look absolutely stunning, and is even something you can incorporate into your wedding planning when it comes to your bridesmaids dresses.

Two-piece wedding dress with glitter top

Photo via Jarusha Brown

Two-piece wedding dress with pink

Photo via Brunettes Boards

Mix and match

This is your chance to show your creative side in the most beautiful way you can. If you want modern, then forget about tradition; go for something eye-catching and one-of-a-kind. You would be surprised what disparate styles go together when you try.

Two-piece wedding dress with biege and modern blouse top

Photo via Wed Society