Getting married is one of the most important events in a person’s life. Since the creation of photography, it’s been an undying tradition to document every possible detail of such a happy, beautiful occasion. Not only has the tradition of photography stood the test of time as a must-have at every wedding, its original black and white style hasn’t faded either.

Of course, when you design your wedding album, you’ll likely opt for brilliant color photos to show off your expertly selected scheme and details, but there is a magical charm to black and white pictures, and for the perfect wedding album you may want to include a few color-free shots. Breath-taking emotional moments, like these, capture the true atmosphere on your big day and round out your ultimate wedding photo album.

Preparing for a New Life

Your Ultimate Wedding Album: Black and WhitePhoto credit: Aaron Snow Photography

It may not seem all that emotional on first thought, but getting ready to make that trip down the aisle can be one of the most powerful parts of your day. Imagine the feeling behind getting dressed in a beautiful gown or handsome tux, all the while knowing you will soon be a wife or husband, dedicated to spending the rest of your life with the person you love the most.

Your Ultimate Wedding Album: Black and WhitePhoto credit: Chelsea Nicole Photography

Consider having your photographer capture these moments in as many shots as possible. When you’re making the final selection to design your wedding album, you’ll be able to tell the story in images just perfectly and relive the emotional anticipation and excitement for years to come.

Your Ultimate Wedding Album: Black and WhitePhoto credit: Sam Hurd Photography

Be sure to allow time for a few photos of you and your dress all by your lonesome, before you’re surrounded by friends and family and showered with congratulations. This is the dress you’ve chosen to take one of the most sacred vows of your life, and you’ve likely never felt more beautiful. Do you need more reason to show it off a little for the camera?

Your Ultimate Wedding Album: Black and WhitePhoto credit: Amie Schroeder Photography

The bride isn’t the only star on this day, though. Don’t forget to ask your photographer to spend some time with the groom, since he’s probably got a head full of nervous, heart-felt thoughts as well. Of course it’s great to have his fellows around him to lend a helping hand, but chances are, your groom will want a little time alone to reflect on how happy he is that he chose to ask those four words.

First Look, Best Look

Your Ultimate Wedding Album: Black and WhitePhoto credit: Rachel Meagan Photography

This one is absolutely our favorite time for snapping black and white masterpieces. It can safely be said that there is no other point during a wedding day with more emotion than when the bride and groom see each other for the very first time.

Your Ultimate Wedding Album: Black and WhitePhoto credit: Megan Vaughan Photography

If you do a first look before your ceremony, take a little time to just relax and be together. Your photographer will be there to capture all the aspects of your first meeting all decked out, but it’s important that the two of you really connect, and chances are no one can calm your pre-wedding nerves better. That in itself makes this another excellent opportunity to go black and white, really capturing the relationship between you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Whether the two of you choose to experience this alone with your photographer or in front of all your friends and family during the ceremony, expect any number of responses, ranging from tears to ear-to-ear grins to looks of complete amazement. This moment in any wedding is perhaps the most magical, and there are few wedding photos that show what it means to bring two lives together like a shot of the groom’s (or bride’s) face upon seeing the person who means the world to him.

Your Ultimate Wedding Album: Black and WhitePhoto credit: Megan Hook Photography

First looks aren’t just for brides and grooms, either. Your fiancé may love you with all his or her heart, but no one will ever love you as fiercely as your family, and photographers who have managed to catch the looks on fathers’ faces as they metaphorically let go of their daughters can easily attest to this. From a mother’s hug to a sister’s smile to a father’s tears, black and white photos of your family on your big day are a must, and they go further than most in expressing the way it feels to be a part of something so beautiful.

Why So Serious?

Your Ultimate Wedding Album: Black and WhitePhoto credit: Grace Havlak Photography

Weddings are magnificent, touching events, brimming with love and happiness from every angle, but weddings wouldn’t be what they are today without a little fun! When it’s all done, and you’ve committed to stand by each other through it all, don’t forget to kick off your heels for some dancing, have a toast to your new life, and enjoy this celebration with as much delight as you can muster. But before you do that, hire a great photographer who knows when to hang around and snap candid photographs, because if anything shows true emotion, it’s the actual experience of being present in the moment on your wedding day, as much as you possibly can!

Your ultimate wedding album will be filled with gorgeous photos of your friends, family, details and more, but above all else, it will be filled with photos of love. Hand select a few of those unforgettable moments to preserve in black and white inside a Fizara flush mount wedding album.