So you’re engaged! Congratulations! Being engaged is a time to thoroughly enjoy your relationship and celebrate the decision to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. If only there were some way to capture this blissful feeling and cherish it forever.

Your engagement photos provide the perfect precursor to the actual wedding invitations and are a great opportunity to spend some quality time being romantic with your one and only. Going into your session with a head full of ideas can also make this experience one of fun and creative expression with beautiful results! We know your mind is on the wedding, so we’ve gathered up our favorite ideas for photo shoots to make this step a little easier.

Location, Location, Location

Regardless of type of photography, location makes a huge difference on the quality and message of the final product. The options are endless, but these spots are tried and true.

Get Into Nature

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Jaime Davis Photography

There’s something so peaceful and calming about being at one with nature, and in an engagement session, a natural scene also serves to bring a couple even closer together as they experience this blissful state together. Perfect romantic photo opp, anyone?

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Dave and Charlotte, Lifestyle Photographers

Our favorites are oceanside and fields of dreams, but if it suits you better, talk a stroll through the trees, go for a countryside bike ride or get in touch with nature any other way you see fit. It’s your engagement, after all.

Appreciate Your City

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Peter Gubernat Photography

The place you found true love will always be dear to your heart, and your city can make an excellent backdrop for a beautiful series about two lovebirds headed for nuptials. When the time comes, pay tribute to the place it all began and snap a few shots that undeniably identify your heart’s home.

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Angelito Jusay Photography

Whether you choose to show off the whole city by way of skyline or find a defining feature of the place you call home, it’s difficult not to feel comfortable and natural in your own environment, and that a beautiful album makes.

Head to the Tracks

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: D’Soleil Photography

For some reason, whether it be added depth in the photograph or the symbolism behind its ongoing nature, a railroad track makes quite an amazing spot to take photos as a newly engaged couple. Safety is key here, so make sure not to set up camp on active railroad tracks, but if you have access to the decades-old transportation system in its downtime, give it a try. You’ll emerge with a photo collection for the ages.

Take It Back

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Jules Weigand Photography

Symbolism that translates into photographs isn’t unique to railroad tracks. Sure, new buildings are stunning and shiny and scream for attention, but old buildings have history. They have strength to stand the test of time, just like your relationship. If you’re looking for a location with meaning, check out older buildings in your city, maybe not as modern and clean as the newest additions, but still sturdy enough to hold up through the storm.

Actions Speak Louder Than Poses

Ultimately, the most deciding factor of your engagement shoot will be what you and your lover do while you’re on camera. Regardless of what you’re wearing or where you shoot, the story here is that you two love each other, so take actions that show it.

Balance Each Other

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Sara and Rocky Photography

The Chinese culture has a concept called “yin and yang,” in which opposing forces balance each other out so that all is well in the world. Maybe your relationship doesn’t affect the world, but the two of you obviously balance each other, so become yin and yang! Not only does this pose mimic the cultural icon, it’s pretty fun too!

Show Your “Love”

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Karism Photography

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but what’s the harm in adding one more? Use parts of yourselves or props (hands, feet, shoes, sparklers, banners, handwritten signs) and make the theme of your photos clear: Love!

Play Dress-Up

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Amen Photography

Remember when you were a kid, and you couldn’t think of anything more fun than dressing up and posing? Engagement sessions can be an adult opportunity to do just that! Discuss a fun theme with your partner in crime, and have a little fun with your photographer.

Make It Tasty

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Portrayable Photography

There’s no rule that being the stars of an engagement shoot can’t involve a whole day of fun for your tastebuds as well as your mind. At some point in your photo session, take a break to munch on your favorite treat together, and let the photographer capture it all. We promise, you’ll look happier together than ever!

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Aria Photography

If you don’t have time to actually eat or have overwhelming fear of getting your perfectly chosen dress dirty, opt for colorful gum to add a “pop” of flavor to the final product!

It’s Not Always About The Face

11 Ideas for Great Engagement PhotosPhoto credit: Brooktown Photography

If you’re inviting friends and family to your wedding or showing them your engagement photos, chances are they know your faces. What they may not know is the depth of love the two of you feel for each other. While it’s impossible to truly show that to your loved ones, taking some focus off your faces can go a long way towards showing how much you really care.

No matter what route you go with your session, it’s important not to forget the reason you’ve hired this photographer in the first place. You’re head over heels in love, heading towards matrimony and eager for everyone to know, but most of all, you want each other to know. Enjoy this. It’s completely dedicated to your love!