A wedding is something that is to be cherished and remembered. After all, it’s one of the most important days you will have in your life, so you want it to be as remarkable as possible.

What that also means, however, is that there is a lot of planning involved. Most people spend their time making arrangements before the wedding, forgetting the list of things to do afterward.

To help ensure that you don’t skip something important after your special day, here is a list of what to do afterward, from saying thank you to buying a wedding photo book.

√ Say Thank You

Depending on how large your wedding was, you may or may not have been able to thank every attendee personally. You most likely have not even had a chance to go through all of the wedding gifts, much less send out thank you notes. While there is no set time limit for sending out cards, you should try to make it happen within a week or so after the wedding.

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Pro Tip: get a bunch of thank you cards ready before the wedding, so that all you will have to do is sign and send. Remember that handwriting so many notes can be laborious, so reconsider how personalized you want your card to be.

√ Save Your Wedding Cake and Bouquet

Assuming that you want physical memories of your wedding day, two of the best things to keep are your cake and your bouquet. The cake will be fantastic for a later celebration if you freeze it, and a bouquet is the perfect opportunity for some scrapbooking.

For the cake, make sure to take off any sugar decals (such as flowers) and then wrap it in several layers of plastic wrap. Ideally, you will want only the top portion of the cake, rather than trying to save it all. Once it’s covered, then place it in the freezer. As long as it’s sealed well, it should last for weeks.

The bouquet can give you a chance to either press some flowers into a scrapbook or keep the whole thing in a vacuum sealed shadow box. Interested in saving your wedding bouquet? Read our blog on how to preserve your wedding bouquet.

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Pro Tip: If you don’t want to risk having stale cake for your anniversary, then you may want to order a smaller size of the same kind of cake you had at the wedding, thus ensuring that it’s fresh.

√ Make a Wedding Album

Fizara wedding album
Photo credit: Fizara

Getting married means taking a boatload of pictures. Whether it’s images of you and your spouse, or the bridal party, you will invariably have more photos than you know what to do with. To keep it simple, you will want to buy a wedding photo book.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the entire process will take much longer than you expect. On average, you can spend over six hours sifting through images to find the best ones for an album.

√ Change Your Name

If neither you or your spouse wants to change their name, then you don’t need to worry about this section. Otherwise, getting married means that you will have a lot of paperwork to do. The sooner you take care of it, the better off you’ll be. You don’t want to finally be Mr. or Mrs. whatever six months or a year after the wedding.

Here are the top documents you’ll need to change right away.

  • Social Security Card: before taking care of anything else, be sure to have this changed first. It will make everything else easier.
  • Driver’s License: in many cases, the DMV will only accept your Social Security card as a qualified form of ID, so you will have to wait until your new card comes in to get your updated license ID.
  • Bank Account: once you have your new Social card and driver’s license, getting your bank account name switched should be relatively simple and straightforward. >/li>
  • Other Accounts: once the big three are taken care of, you can then start to change your name on everything else, including your post office address, voter registration, and social media profiles.

Pro Tip: Make a list of everything that has your current name on it before the wedding, so that you can simply go down the list after you’re married. Have everything signed and ready to be sent out prior to the wedding.

√ Sell Your Wedding Stuff

Unless you want to keep everything that you purchased for your wedding (including your dress), odds are you will either donate it or try to recoup some of your money. The best way to go is to sell all of your things online. If you’re lucky, you can make out with some honeymoon cash. Simply check out sites that sell used wedding supplies and then upload your items.

Pro Tip: Be sure to take flattering pictures of your stuff before selling it. A drab and poorly lit image will not make potential buyers want the thing you’re selling, so make it look nice.

√ Plan Another Event

Wedding after party
Photo credit: Cincy Weddings by Maura

If you find yourself yearning for the days of planning your wedding, don’t despair. Instead, put your ideas to good use by planning some other social event or shindig. No matter what it is, be sure to utilize all of your tightly honed planning skills and make it an event to remember.