So, the ring was purchased and the proposal went off without a hitch. The groom-to-be’s job is done, right? Not really. Many brides love wedding planning but there are those who love to share in all of the organizational fun with their partners. I found this great article over on Colin Cowie Weddings, Planning the Wedding: What Should the Groom Expect? It has great tips for tackling the groom’s responsibilities – you know, other than just showing up. It may be helpful to guys if they have something specific, some aspect of the wedding, to think about, like the drinks, music, or a favorite hobby to incorporate into the ceremony or reception. It can be helpful for everyone if there is specific direction. The article has a great list of questions for couples to go over that can help get everyone thinking about the ceremony in creative ways. Here are a few:

Does a particular time of day or season of the year inspire you? Do you love sunsets? Do you love the cozy feeling of being indoors after a winter snowfall? Do you love long summer evenings outdoors? Consider how this might affect the timing of your wedding.

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Do you have a hobby or pursuit that you want to incorporate into your wedding in some way? If a couple loves to sail, a seaside wedding at a marina, yacht club or even on a boat might be appropriate. If you love opera, maybe your celebration should include some of your favorite arias performed by a local opera singer. If you enjoy collecting wine, then fine wine might be a focus of your celebration.

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What are your favorite drinks? Do you prefer wine, beer, spirits or soft drinks? Do you have a favorite cocktail? Do you love microbrews?

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What is your favorite type of music? Make a list of your favorite composers and their works, the artists and their songs. Be sure to make a short list of the music you definitely don’t want to hear at your wedding too.

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What are your favorite photographic styles? Do you like black and white, color or sepia? Do you like a photojournalistic, documentary, or traditional portrait approach? Remember that you can expect to look at your wedding pictures for decades to come, so be sure to determine the approach and style that suits you and your bride.

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Giving your man something specific aspect of the wedding planning to focus on is the key to getting, even the most uninterested groom involved. The wedding may be the bride’s show, but the marriage is an equal partnership and what better way to embrace that than to get him involved in the nuptials. Check out the entire article and all of the great tips over on Colin Cowie Weddings.