Among the many ups and downs involved in wedding planning come some very meaningful milestones. Milestones that make you go “wow, this is real!”, milestones that make you sigh in relief, and milestones that are just pure fun. Here are some of the best bits in your wedding planning checklist.

Booking the venue

This is most likely your “wow, this is real now” moment. Booking the venue is a major step in your wedding planning checklist, and helps tie in your theme, décor, and style. Looking for the right venue for you is heaps of fun, as you get to look at tons of different places and begin to envisage your special day there.

the knotPhoto credit: The Knot


Dress Shopping

This one is specific to the ladies, but there is nothing quite like the feeling of finding your perfect dress. The shopping alone, with best friends in tow, is an indulgence like no other, but when the search is over you will feel like a total princess.

bride fitting for her dress

Photo credit: Weddings by Tanzi


Writing Vows

By the time you are writing your vows for each other, it will probably be quite late in the game, and things will be feeling more real than ever. Sitting down and seeking out your inner wordsmith to describe what your wedding day and your other half means to you will have you feeling all the feels. Some tears may be involved here.

vow books blue and whitePhoto credit: Kristine Marie Photography


Registering for gifts

This is one milestone that is about your post-wedding experience. Deciding which type of tablecloth you want in your home may not sound romantic on its own, but when you start registering for gifts, you come to realize you are building your home together. These momentums are special for that very reason.

mad about the house

Photo credit: Mad About the House/ Harrods


Planning the honeymoon

Maybe you are jetting off as soon as the ink as dried on your marriage certificate, or maybe you are taking a couple of weeks’ rest first, but either way planning your honeymoon is a pretty awesome way to spend a few hours. Booking flights, hotels, and activities always sets off the wanderlust in people, and by the time your honeymoon rolls around, you will both be in stupor of marital bliss. Not much can top that (apart from the wedding itself).

phuket honeymoonPhoto credit: Phuket Photography