You’re doing what everyone in show business knows not to do  – working with animals and children. Bravo, you brave soul, bravo. While they may look insanely adorable, baby and fur baby photo shoots aren’t as easy as they look. Here are some tips to keep you sane, calm, and in control.

Well fed (both)

As with a normal baby photo shoot, you are advised to feed your little one just before, keeping them sleepy and happy for the photos. The same goes for the dog, too. If your pet knows it’s close to dinner time, he will never stay still and will feel like he is being tortured for some unknown reason. Food in bellies equals happy snapping.

photograhy-by-asiyaPhoto credit: Photography by Asiya

Wear them out

Try and save nap time (baby) until the shoot and play with them often, so that they are nice and worn out by the time you need them to be. Depending on what poses you are going for, you should keep your pet active during the day, too. If you are after a sleeping pet pose, then a long walk and play is in order, so they are well and truly pooped.

jennifer-gilmorePhoto credit: Jennifer Gilmore

Treats on hand

Despite being fed and worn out, you may need a little extra help with your canine camera models. Keep some treats on hand (not literally, as they will seek them out pretty quickly!) to get that perfect pose. It’s also good training to praise them when they are good.

Know your pet

This is upto you, not the photographer. Only you know your pet and how good and gentle they are with the baby. Know what they can and can’t do, and what you feel safe with. If you feel you want to be in the photos with them for extra precaution, then that’s what you should do.

roverPhoto credit: Rover

And finally, because they’re just so unbelievably cute, here are some pose ideas for your photo shoot.


This one is really a spur-of-the-moment pose and you’re lucky to catch it. Please, please, please don’t smear anything on your baby’s head for the shot! Just let it happen.

Toes and paws

A play on the regular newborn poses with mommy’s and daddy’s feet; have little toes and little paws instead.

i-herat-dogsPhoto credit: I Heart Dogs

Cuddle time

This is the part where you really go awwwww. If your pet has previously snuggled up with your baby, then encourage it to happen again, which works particularly well if all the models are super worn out.

park-avenue-photogprahyPhoto credit: Park Avenue Photography

The whole family

Get yourself in the pictures with a big family shot. This one is definitely easier to do with one of you holding the baby and the other holding the fur baby.


Photo credit: Becca Bond Photography

Okay, just one more…


Photo credit: Julie Newell Photography


Photo banner credit: Pretty Fluffy