Weddings are a long and jam-packed weekend celebration for everyone involved. From wedding prep and bridal parties to the day itself and its extremely hung-over remains, it can be a big commitment to guests. Here’s how to kick-start your celebrations and make sure they enjoy every minute.

Cool invitations

Start as you mean to go on with a creative and fun invitation. Your rehearsal dinner invitation should reflect the event itself, so if it’s low-key and informal, go easy on the straight lines and official font. Don’t forget to be descriptive and specific in your guidelines when it comes to dress, venue, and place. If your guests need answers you know who they will come after!

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Open bar, open conversation

Once the alcohol is flowing, so is the conversation. If your wedding party has more than a few strangers, an open bar makes it that bit easier for everyone to get to know each other. If you are going for a money-saving option, why not add a BYOB option if your venue allows.

Convenient time and place

Bear in mind that people traveling to your wedding might be coming quite a distance. If your rehearsal dinner is held on a Friday, a lot of people might also be heading from work. Choosing a time everyone is likely to make – usually late evening – and a venue near the wedding accommodation is a gift for your guests.

Less formal wear

Your guests are already scrubbing up for the big day, so cut loose the night before and relax the dress code. Trust us, they will appreciate it. After a long drive, a day at work, or whatever their journey consisted of, being tucked into formal wear is less than ideal. Besides, being comfortable in your body means you can be more comfortable in your evening celebrations.

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Theme and venue

Following a laxer dress code, why not have your rehearsal dinner’s theme in a different direction from a formal wedding? Great ideas include sports night at the local brewery, bowling night at the nearby alley, camping or festival theme at a park or in the woods, or even a barbecue in your own backyard. This theme can be completely different from the wedding – just focus on the fun element.

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You have a bunch of people you would love to hear give a toast, but fitting them all in would mean over an hour of sitting and listening. Save some time and spread some out in the rehearsal dinner. This is the perfect time for a few words from close friends and members of the bridal party, especially those who don’t like public speaking in big crowds.

No seating plan

Keep it casual and natural – let the guests decide where they sit. If you have a buffet-style meal, then this is definitely the best option.

Add a fun element

If you’re into fun activities on a summers night, then add a friendly game of ping-pong, cornhole, or some beach volleyball (requires a beach). This is a great way for your guests to get to know each other and get into the spirit of the weekend. Even if your wedding is a lot more formal, there’s nothing stopping you from mixing it up a bit, is there?

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