Whether you’re traditional, modern, hipster, or indie, when you begin planning a wedding, one thing is the same – you’ll be picking searching for the perfect song for your first dance. Parade Magazine online recently released the rankings of the world’s most popular first dance songs according to Spotify. The music streaming service perused through over 12,000 playlists that had the term “first dance” it the title and came up with the list.

The-World's-10-Most-Popular-First-Dance-Songs-According-to-Spotify1Photo credit: Kate Harrison Photography

The list had many of the popular tracks you’d imagine: Adele’s, “Make You Feel My Love,” has been popular with so many brides and grooms and made the list at number 10. A more current choice, “A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri, also made the cut.

Photo credit: Azure Blue

We’re sure you want to know who has the covetable #1 pick?

Etta James’, “At Last” was the number 1 most popular first dance song in the world – and we are glad it’s a classic, timeless choice, at that!

See the entire Spotify list over on Parade Magazine Online.