Alright, look –your photographer may be a tad annoyed trying to shoot around all the iPhone photographers at your wedding, but with smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices being so ingrained in our daily lives at this point, there are some strong arguments for embracing the high-tech culture – even on your wedding day, and certainly beforehand.

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Planning: Pinterest as a wedding planning tool has exploded. People who had never considered using the social sharing site before suddenly become Pinterest addicts when they start planning their nuptials. It’s a great way to quickly save ideas you come across while browsing wedding blogs, a way to test themes and color palettes, and a way to share with those involved in the planning what you love. Get started with boards like, “gowns,” “flowers,” and “desserts.” And add boards for test-driving themes like “mint and gold theme” or “rustic chic.”

Wedding websites: Start with a website. Traditionally, bridesmaids and the mother of the bride are in charge of fielding questions about wedding registries and other details. But a website with a link to your registry, directions to the venue, guidance about dress and other planning information ensures that all your guests, at any time, from anywhere, can access the crucial information. Your bridesmaids have better things to do, and your guests will appreciate the convenience. You can easily DIY a wedding website through free blogging platforms like WordPress, or you can pay a weddings-specific website for extra help.

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Social media: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em Short of banning phones and cameras altogether, you won’t be able to stop people from taking pictures at your wedding. Embrace it. Let everyone know what hashtag they should tag their Instagram photos with, so you can see them all once the wedding is over. Make a Flickr group and add your guest photographers, so after the wedding, everyone can upload their photos in once place to share with you. Or, try a wedding photo app. There are several promising ones that which help you and your guests compile all your cell phone pictures into one place, comment, share, “like,” and more. Check out a list of photo apps here.

Social Media Plugged-In Wedding

Live stream: A plugged-in wedding can help you share the joy with those who can’t be there. Mashable reports that Ustream, a popular live-streaming website, has seen a 250 percent increase in couples sharing their vows live from 2012 to 2013. This is one bandwagon worth jumping on. For your guests who can’t afford to make it, or are two old or ill to make it, live streaming is a fantastic way to include everyone. There are many options to set this up, from companies that will do it all for you (from tripod and camera to broadcasting) to the more do-it-yourself options like Skype. Here’s a good list of options from Geek Sugar.

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