One of the key moments guests look forward to at a wedding is, of course, being fed. With old and young, vegetarian and meat-eaters, fulfilling everybody’s tastes at a wedding is a tall order. Not to mention, you want something that in some way suits the two of you and is in keeping to your theme and wedding season. So how do you do it? How do you please everybody?

Think of your theme and season

First of all, you should contemplate the weather and style of your wedding. Certain foods that complement an indoor winter wedding might be a little strange served by a lake in the middle of summer. Is your wedding vintage or sleek and styled? Beachy or woodsy? A wedding held by the beach would obviously lend itself to a seafood menu, and a winter wedding is a great opportunity for home-cooked comfort food. Brainstorm some ideas that fit your style and the temperature.

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Plan around your budget

There are plenty of options for a couple on a tight budget. For instance, you could opt for a large breakfast or brunch as your main meal in lieu of dinner, which can significantly reduce what you spend. You should also weigh up your options between plated and buffet. The latter means less spent on wait staff as your guests can serve themselves, where the former is easier to plan in terms of portions.

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Do we need a personal dish?

Many argue that this is of the highest priority in food wedding planning. But, not everybody is a foodie, and if there is nothing that jumps to mind for the two of you, don’t feel pressurized to make something fit. If you do have a staple dish or style, then great. But you have to be flexible as well; just because you are the world’s biggest mac and cheese fans, doesn’t mean everybody is.

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It should cater to many tastes

This is definitely more important than the former step. If you were a vegetarian or vegan and attended a meat-only wedding, you would feel pretty annoyed, right? Provide plenty of options for your guests, whether you are serving plated or buffet food. If you serve meat, balance it with veggie options; if there is seafood, balance it out with something like pasta dishes and lots of yummy sides. A good idea is to ask your guests beforehand to inform you of any allergies or unsuitable foods so you can consider these in your wedding planning.

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Are you looking to be trendy?

A big trend at the moment is to be mindful about where you source your food. Local, organic, and fresh tick a lot of trendy boxes, and if your theme is vintage or a little earthy, this is a great opportunity to advertize your authenticity when it comes to loving the earth. Plus, locally-grown fruit compotes are sure to taste that bit yummier!

How about a family style meal if you’re not feeling buffet or plated? Having a huge thanksgiving-style pass around will certainly get everybody mingling and feeling friendlier than usual.

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Alternatively, you can opt for uber-trendy food trucks, serving anything from late-night fast food and ice cream snacks to a full reception dinner. Make sure your guests aren’t standing around too long, and book plenty of trucks if your guest list is large.

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Steps for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cuisine

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