Today, I have a cute and easy Friday DIY. Wine charms are a fun way to dress up your wine glasses and also tell them a part from one another when guests are over. I’ve seen a ton of cute sets in our travels and thought it would be fun to make my own. There are a lot of different ways to make them but I used some leftover bits and pieces for mine. The few things that were purchased were really inexpensive. Start the weekend with DIY wine charms and then pour a glass of your favorite vino, invite some friends over, and enjoy the warm summer nights!

These glasses could use a little something. Any stem glasses will work.


What you’ll need

DIY-Wine-Charms16Round nose pliers


Adjustable metal rings: Ours were a package from the dollar store. They also came in a silver color.


Charms: You can buy some you like, or use some leftover from an old or broken piece of jewelry like a charm bracelet. I liked these instrument charms because they all go together but they’re different enough that guests won’t get them mixed up.


Small chain mail rings: These are to attach the charms to the main ring. You can get just about any size and metal finish at craft stores. Pick the size based on the size of the charms/beads you’re using.

DIY-Wine-Charms13Beads, if you’d like


1. Start by taking one of the dollar store rings and bending the edges inward with your pliers to make a small circle. You can also use large chain mail rings for this but these are really easy to bend and will slide off the wineglass stems without tugging or scratching. The circles just make a finished edge.




2. Take your small chain mail ring and open it with pliers


3. Add your charms and beads


4. Attach it to your main ring and then close. Larger rings are easier to handle – especially with beads and charms on them.


5. Repeat the steps with your other charms and beads. We used different color beads with each charm. Guests can either remember they had a saxaphone or their color is green.


6 . Slide the main ring onto your wineglass stem and voila! Wine charm!



Cheers to the weekend!