According to a New York Times article, engaged couples these days are choosing to skip the wedding gifts and opt for cash. I don’t know about you, but I, personally, loved registering. Picking out the cool gifts people were actually going to gift us, picturing what our home would look like with said cool gifts, and, of course, using the scanner gun – it was all exciting. So why exactly are couples foregoing wedding heirlooms in favor of cash gift requests? According to the Times, couples are asking for gifts of the monetary kind, often, to put towards the honeymoon.

Jason Dorsey, the chief strategy officer and a millennials researcher at the Center for Generational Kinetics in Austin, Tex., tells the Times, “Couples of this generation prefer experiences over stuff,” said Mr. Dorsey, who also works with retailers and companies that cater to millennials. “Less is more. This generation of couples live in smaller spaces and don’t need gifts. They would prefer a visit to a yoga retreat or tickets to a concert. They want more personal reflections of what they value.”

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The article also cites that many people are getting married later, often have student loan debt, and have homes they have already rented or purchased that are filled with furnishings, so household gifts are often not seen as necessary. Also, with many couples living together before marriage, they often have the household items they need before the marriage.

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The Times article interviewed, Xochitl Gonzalez, owner of AaB Creates, a wedding-planning company. “But couples today don’t need kitchen stuff, and most don’t entertain formally. So they don’t need a $200 place setting. Why not give them the honeymoon experience they want instead of cluttering their house with a gift they won’t use?”

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Experts also note that some couples overdo it with wedding costs and request money to help recoup some of the wedding costs. There are now a lot of different registry options for couples to choose from. If they suspect that invited guests may be a little more traditional in etiquette, as in, not wanting to write checks, couples can ask that guests allocate gifts towards a honeymoon on registries such as, a free service where couples can register for the most exotic and romantic of trips. The Times also notes Hatch My House, a cool site where couples can receive monies to put towards their marital home.

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So what are your thoughts? Are traditional wedding gifts still the way to go? Or are the times a changing, and moving towards a very different wedding etiquette? Read the entire New York Times article here.