We get questions now and again about Fizara albums compared to albums ordered through a couple’s own wedding photographer. I thought I’d put together a quick post to highlight the similarities and differences to these options. As you probably know, we’re photographers here at Fizara. Leather bound albums and matte prints make our hearts skip a beat.

Say-Thanks-with-Fizara-Albums-for-the-Parents5Photo credit: Jana Williams

As photographers, we love to support our fellow camera men and women. So let’s get into it. Why exactly are wedding albums so expensive? Other than the overall quality of an album: flush mounting, top grain leather, photographic paper, and solid construction, there is an incredible amount of time that goes into custom designing each page layout, and making sure each image looks perfect. Other than the album quality and construction, you’re paying for the photographer’s time in organizing photos to create a cohesive story and look, editing each image chosen, and designing each page layout. Its a lot of time and work. Ordering a custom album can be the perfect gift to yourself and your new spouse to really capture the amazingness of your big day. Many photographers also offer albums as a part of their wedding packages these days. If so, you’re most likely getting a great value. These beautiful books will surely become family heirlooms someday and are truly built to withstand generations of page-flipping.


Ordering a wedding album from your photographer is a great way to ensure your photos aren’t forever on a disc or USB drive somewhere. The key is to order it right away or you’ll never get around to it. After the whirlwind of a romantic wedding, life catches up (as do the bills) and you’re back into the day-to-day grind before you know it. So why create an album with Fizara? Once the post-wedding excitement dies down and life finds its new normal, its time to start thinking about thank you gifts for your parents and new in-laws. You can quickly create an album with the same flush mounting, professional photographic paper, and top grain leather – for a fraction of the price. The reason is because we’ve done the legwork for you. Our free software allows you to drag and drop your images into the pre designed page layouts. You can easily crop, rotate, and design your pages with only your favorite images. The really nice part is you can quickly create custom albums for each set of parents, making little changes that make a big impact like adding custom messages to your parents, or adding more images of that side of the family.

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There’s little that parents love more after a wedding than their own photos (also, grand kids) and gifting them their own heirloom quality album is the perfect way to say “thank you.” We offer a ton of high quality top grain leathers and even a couple vegan leather options, as well. Order your album with buttery soft leather wrapped all around, give a sneak preview with a cameo cover, or get an acrylic cover or metal cover album with one of your gorgeous images printed on the front.

Fizara6Fizara3Fizara7There are so many style and color options plus albums in different sizes. The quality and choices here are no different than those given by wedding photographers. If your package comes with an album, or you just love the idea of your photographer designing and creating yours for you, go ahead and indulge. This is your once-in-a-lifetime event. If you’re asking yourself, what can I give to my family? Browse our site, download and try our free software, and painlessly – and affordably – say thanks with Fizara albums for the parents.