Even if you are not in the least bit into grand, over-the-top romantic gestures, a proposal is the one time you get to express to your other half just how much you mean to them. No matter how private, a proposal is a magical moment you will remember forever, and there are hundreds of great ways you can customize to exactly both your styles. If you are thinking of proposing, get those nerves of steel at the ready and take some inspiration from our top # romantic proposal ideas.

Grand Gesture

Romantic Proposal Ideas

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1. Singing proposal

If you’re willing to drop a little money and you know your other half will be head over heels for this idea, hiring a choir or small singing group. As they group begins to seranade, you drop on one knee, amongst a crowd of onlookers for one of the grandest and most breath-taking proposals there is.

2. Flash mob

Along the same lines but a little funkier, this proposal idea is a real statement. There will be several seconds before anyone knows what is going on, but when they do, romance abounds.

3. Writing on the wall

Surprise your other half at work with a large message scrawled across their office wall. Obviously, ask the boss for permission and let all co-workers in on the idea. Simply hide somewhere and wait until they have read it.

4. Involve friends

Your friends will be nothing short of delighted to be involved in your romantic proposal. Organize a get together and have them hold out words spelling out your proposal at the appropriate moment. Romantic and full of love from everyone.

5. During a game

Perhaps you both enjoy sporting events like baseball or football, which are perfect places for a grand gesture-type proposal. No, you don’t have to wait for kiss cam, but you can always organize a break time proposal via microphone from center-field!

6. Famous landmark

If you live near a city full of famous landmarks, these make for beautiful proposal backdrops. From NYC to Chicago, pick a landmark you both love and will look stunning in photographs to drop on one knee.

At Home

Romantic Proposal Ideas

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7. Back yard

Choose a still night to decorate your back yard – drape fairy lights everywhere and surround the area with candles. When you invite your partner out back, there is no doubt they will be stunned into silence. Who says private proposals aren’t romantic?

8. Bedroom proposal

Rose petals on the bed, candles on every surface, dim lighting, and her favorite song make for a simple but beautiful way to make your bedroom a proposal haven.

9. Breakfast in Bed

Let your unsuspecting lover snooze on a Sunday while you set up a breakfast tray. Place or hide the ring box in a subtle place – a perfect way to wake up on a weekend.

10. Paper ad

Sometimes, the oldies are the goodies. If the two of you love nothing more on a morning than to sit with a morning coffee and the paper, place an ad in it. She might need a little help finding it – circle it in red pen before she reads it for a casual but intimate way of expressing your love.

11. Pets

If you own pets and, like most owners, they are the center of your universe, include them in your proposal idea! Tie a note around their neck with a small (thorn-less!) rose attached. Adorable and perfect.

Public Place

Romantic Proposal Ideas

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12. Favorite place

If the two of you have a favorite haunt you love to visit, this is the perfect place to pop the question. No matter where it is, the meaning of this place to you will certainly stick in your memories and hearts forever.

13. On a walk/hike

For the outdoorsy couple, a hike or casual walk is an incredible idea for a proposal. Not only will being in nature heighten the romance, but the photos will be simply amazing.

14. Scavenger hunt

While you can pay companies to set up scavenger hunts for you, it is much more personal and romantic to make your own. Using clues only the two of you could know, send your partner on an adventurous ring hunt.

15. Restaurant

The old cliché of the ring in the cake or champagne is a little outdated – and frankly dangerous – so keep it simple. A delicious meal, beautiful setting, and perfect proposal.


Romantic Proposal Ideas

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16. Picnic

During summer, and weather permitting, go out for a simple picnic in the park. After snacking and stretching out, reach over with the ring in your hand. No grand gestures, no fireworks, just food, nature, and love.

17. New Years

An already grand and exciting night, give it that extra boost with a midnight proposal. Your friends will go crazy and there will be even more reason to celebrate!

18. Under the stars

There is nothing better than those cool summer nights when the cloudless skies mean you can star gaze for hours. Suggest an evening just like this and pop the question under a blanket of watchful lanterns.

19. On a pumpkin

Make a day of decorating for fall and thanksgiving and while she’s not looking, place your ready-made proposal pumpkin amongst the decorations. Hopefully she finds it quickly!

20. At the beach

If you’re vacationing near the beach, where better to plan your proposal than along the seafront? A great idea is a message in a bottle, carefully planned, planted, and timed, of course!

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