We love to see couples curate their own unique weddings. We love seeing more and more couples get creative with individual expressions. We’ve also noticed that older trends are popping back up. One of the cutest old-is-new-again trends we’ve seen is the brunch reception. Not everyone is into wine and all night dance parties and your wedding can be any way you want it to be! Brunch wedding receptions are really refreshing and a great option for those who want a sweet and small celebration. Imagine an intimate get together focused on food and friends. Here are our top reasons to have a brunch reception.

Breakfast Foods

Seriously, who doesn’t love brunch? We love those lazy days where you can sleep in and then roll out of bed and into a cute diner or cafe for a big meal. Brunch receptions offer all sorts of mouth-watering menu options: Lemon pancakes, vanilla bean waffles, and, who doesn’t want to go to a reception that serving bacon? We love the idea of a build-your-own omelet or frittata station or a donut bar! Smoked salmon or quiches are also light and elegant daytime options.




Save Money

Day events tend to be less expensive than night ones. There is less competition for venues and dates and you may even be privy to special day rates or daytime discounts at popular restaurants. Bar tending tends to be less expensive for daytime events, as people tend to drink less during the day than at night, and you can get really creative with drinks.



You can still celebrate

Consider a custom bloody mary bar with all the fixin’s. You can also offer a gourmet coffee selection. A plethora fresh squeezed juices and plump berries is sure to be a refreshing hit and if you love the idea of a champagne toast, consider mimosas! If a full band or deejay isn’t what you’re feeling for your daytime event, consider a less expensive – but totally classy – string quartet to accompany your guests. And don’t think you have to skip the wedding cake! Rather than 5 tiers of chocolate fudge, think lighter decadent options like carrot, lemon, or cheesecake.




Put the focus back on you

Brunch is a classy and elegant idea that focuses the attention on great food, friends, and conversation. Guests will mingle throughout the day, rather than get drunk and leave when the music slows down. And if you still want dancing, have dancing! There are no rules. Day events can be laid back and picnic-y, or 3-course formal. For a more mellow affair, serve heaps of pancakes family style, with everyone sitting around the same table. If you want a formal feel, think mini waffles on sticks and flutes filled by a mimosa fountain.



What is your opinion of a brunch reception? Fun and festive or a little too mellow for your party planning?


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