It’s the moment you build up to for weeks and months: how to propose. Male or female, it’s likely that you will have thought about how to go about this minefield of a question. Big or intimate? Flashy or modest? If you’re fretting about how to pop the question, take a minute to look through our pros and cons of big versus small proposals.

Big proposal pro: capture the moment on camera

The last thing you want to do when getting down on one knee is whip out the camera to capture your other half’s expression or pop a selfie. If you are organizing a flashy proposal, you can easily inform somebody (or several people for plenty of angles) to be on hand to capture the moment. This is a great wedding proposal idea, which you can even add to the beginning of your wedding photo album. Get ready for tears!

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Big proposal pro: it’s a chance to shine

There are quite literally hundreds of ways to incorporate your personal styles and relationship quirks into your personal proposal. From proposals during baseball games or trivia nights, to flash mobs and even celebrity appearances, you can be as creative as you like to reflect the kind of relationship you have. The weirder, the cuter.

Big proposal pro: get family and friends involved

If you have a network of convincing actors at your disposal, use them! Having your nearest and dearest in on the event can really bring everything together, especially if your plan is a complex one. Not to mention, you can all celebrate heartily after the ‘yes!’.

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Intimate proposal pro: romance-appropriate

If, on the other hand, your relationship and both your personalities are more suited to an intimate affair, your proposal ideas can be more on the romantic side. With no huge audiences or cameras snapping away, the two of you are left to be as gushy and tender as you please.

Intimate proposal pro: you can still be creative

Despite a much tighter guest list, there is still plenty of room for creativity. Maybe the two of you are nature lovers, and you can get down on one knee during a Sunday afternoon hike in the woods. Perhaps there is a childlike adventurousness to your relationship and you decide on a treasure hunt – there are still hundreds of ways to choose to propose without being flashy.

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Intimate proposal pro: find beauty in the small things

Not everything has to be huge to be worthwhile, although it might seem it in the age of Facebook, Buzzfeed, and camera phones. If neither of you are a fan of a huge amount of attention, then why should your proposal be like that? Maybe you will propose over a coffee, maybe talking a walk, and maybe you will just celebrate alone in front of the TV or with a home-cooked dinner. The beauty is in the moments and memories, not just the actions.

Of course, if you really can’t make your mind up, why not go private-public? A private proposal with public celebration afterwards is the best of both worlds for all you introvert-extroverts.

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