We’ve just started a new year, so it’s no surprise that many of us are embarking on new journeys, whether to be healthier, spend more time with family, be more financially responsible or any number of resolutions. As photographers, one of our favorite endeavors is the Photography 365 project, and we can’t think of a better time to start one than now!

Take Your 365 Photography to the Next LevelPhoto credit: Josh Brewster Photography

Once you get the idea, Photography 365 seems simple enough, but the options are endless! Essentially, starting a 365 project is a dedication to capturing and sharing at least one picture per day for 365 days, a whole year! There are a variety of rules each person may set for himself, but as far as we’re concerned, the most important aspect is just getting that one photograph a day, regardless of what it is or how you took it (that’s right, smart phones are cameras too). In fact, some people even make a point of choosing a unique aspect for a 365 project.

Take Your 365 Photography to the Next LevelPhoto credit: Paisley Photography

Your Photo-a-Day project, as it can also be called, is completely at the mercy of your creative whim. If you’re like some camera fans, you may choose to forego the idea of a theme and simply spend time with your camera each day. Some of us need a bit more direction, and subject matter guidelines can be very helpful in this case. Some great examples we’ve seen of Photo-a-Day projects include Food, Daily Inspiration, Loved Ones and so many more.

As “selfies” get more and more popular, maybe you want to take a different self-portrait every day. It can be really fun to watch your progress over a year. Or maybe you have a favorite time of day, like mornings. Try capturing the reason you love that time!

One list of possible ideas featured, “Good Morning, 2015!” If this project isn’t your only goal for the year, what are some others? Perhaps daily shots of your steps toward goals (daily yoga practice, trying something new every day) could be your theme. As we said before, the possibilities really are endless.

Take Your 365 Photography to the Next LevelPhoto credit: Avant Garden Photography

Take Your 365 Photography to the Next LevelPhoto credit: Olivia Bell Photography

Take Your 365 Photography to the Next LevelPhoto credit: My Two Monsters Photography

What’s the point of taking all these gorgeous photos (aside from self-reflection and photography practice) if you don’t share your work with others? Finishing a year of photos every day is a huge accomplishment! There are numerous ways of sharing these pictures with friends, family, loved ones and even strangers, but our favorite is the photo book.

Take Your Photography 365 Project to the Next LevelPhoto credit: Constantin Mashinskiy

If you’ve been into a bookstore in the past five years, you’ve most likely seen examples of the collections resulting from Photography 365 projects. Maybe you aren’t keen to publish yours and share with everyone who visits Barnes & Noble, but you can still create your very own, high-quality photo book to show off your year of shots and the improvement you’ve made. The best part is that Fizara makes it easy! You’ve done plenty of work over the past year just taking, and possibly editing, the photos and we’re here to lend a helping hand so that you can take a break.

Once you’ve finished up the year, which, by the way can begin at any time you choose, your first step is to download the Fizara Album Designer. With our one-of-a-kind software for photography albums and books, getting started with your final 365 portfolio takes less than one minute. Fizara can pull your photos from your computer, Facebook, Flickr or Picasa, ready to create a one-of-a-kind custom layout.

Take Your 365 Photography to the Next LevelPhoto credit: Citizen Erased Photography

Next step? Create your masterpiece. Fizara allows for full creative control while designing your photo book, but if you’re exhausted with being creative, we offer templates and pre-set themes as well. Yet again, this is all up to you!

If you take the creative route, try including text overlays in your book to share a little insight into your photos. While we don’t recommend adding text to every page, choosing a few favorite shots to briefly explain can add flavor and personality to a photo book already bursting at the seams with a taste of just who you are. If you think a picture is worth 1000 words, don’t mess with perfection! Just select an order for your work then let the photos do the talking.

Take Your Photography 365 Project to the Next LevelPhoto credit: Bottle Tree Photography

Though there’s a small chance you aren’t ready to share the work you’ve done over the past year, we’re betting you can’t wait to show everyone how dedicated you were to capturing beautiful photos, and after all the work you’ve put into taking, editing and arranging your photos into a stunning photo book, it’s finally time to share!

Take your personalized photo book into the world and brighten it page by page. And if you’re keeping to yourself, be sure to take a look from time to time and remember that YOU took all those shots. Congratulations!