I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a little bit about some very talented photographers from around the country. Today, meet Jesus Santos of Bodas Modernas Photography. Jesus is a Chicago-based photographer who shoots both film and digital photography. Jesus has been shooting professionally for 8 years. He started shooting landscapes but quickly moved into portraiture when his daughter was born. Wedding photography was a natural progression and now Jesus shoots beautiful weddings in the Windy City as well as traveling to fun destinations around the world.

When I had my little girl there I realized it was important to keep memories and the only way was THROUGH photography. So I start to see how to capture those memories through my camera.
I use to shot landscape photography before I get into wedding photo[graphy].

My favorite part of the day most be the photos around downtown or at the park after the ceremony
there is so much fun with the couples so that way I can do some creative shots. There is a big community of photographers, so that’s why I need to find ways to bring clients to my business. To get inspired I got to seminars when I can. I go out to shoot around the city.


I shoot Digital and film. Well, I start with film but digital open a lot of new ideas, now I shoot both because my wedding photography now is all about the moment. Most of the time I shot Digital and film just the key moments in some points.

For me, film is art so I need to be careful when and how to use it.



The pros of digital is I can shoot almost anywhere and the cons is it is very easy to shot and don’t take the time to do a better work. I just love Film the only cons are a little too expensive.


My photography changed a lot since I start to use digital open a lot of new ideas for me. Digital gives me something amazing, but film has something special.


Here in Chicago is a lot of competition, that’s why I’m shooting digital and film. Not many photographers do film like before. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many digital photographers here. I think everyone has his own taste.

See more of Jesus’ beautiful film and digital work on his website, Bodas Modernas.