Meet Lauren Russo: DIY Bride turned designer. Lauren, is more than a happy customer; she’s now a Fizara album design software expert, and friend. Lauren used the Fizara Album Design software to create her wedding album, and loved the process so much, she decided to offer her services to other brides! While our software was created with the DIY customer in mind, we recognize that not everything has the time, patience, or gumption of a do-it-yourselfer. There are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. There are a ton of us out there who can be inspired to start a new project, and even motivated to get going, but we hit a creative roadblock, or life gets busy, and that fun afternoon project is suddenly a half-finished one from 2 years ago. If you’re interested in a beautiful custom album at a fraction of the cost, you can still get one – with a little help from Lauren. I spoke a little bit with her about her own wedding, her thoughts about album design, and her plans for a Fizara future.

Lauren’s wedding photographs courtesy of Jeff Tisman Photography

Meet-Lauren-Russo--DIY-Bride-Turned-Designer6Oh my, I love weddings! After planning my own, I definitely have much more of an affinity and appreciation for everything wedding related! My husband and I had a fall wedding in early October. We had the bridesmaids wear deep plum stain dresses with the groomsmen wearing dark gray tuxedos, with light gray ties and plum colored pocket squares to subtly tie the men to the ladies. Our reception was at the Jericho Terrace where they have the most beautiful room with a giant dome window that sits above the dance floor and is lined with LED lights that fill the room with color. My husband and I knew the minute we walked into that room that this was where we wanted to have our reception! It was so elegant!

Meet-Lauren-Russo--DIY-Bride-Turned-Designer5Planning our wedding was actually a lot of fun that I thoroughly enjoyed (I actually really do miss it!). The day of our wedding turned out to be beautiful, despite what the 10-day, 5-day, and even right up to the day before weather forecast said, which was rain, rain, rain and more rain! My initial reaction was panic, especially because our intentions for a majority of wedding photos were to be outside overlooking the harbor down in Port Jefferson. However, I remember being in denial about the weather up until the Monday right before the wedding, I was at work when I called my sister crying as I came to the realization that as much as I tried to will the Universe to change the forecast from rain to sun- it didn’t seem to be happening. And seriously, I am so grateful for my sister; she really was a great support throughout the whole wedding planning! She wound up talking me off the ledge and then immediately started searching the internet for cute umbrellas that we could have rush delivered for all TWENTY-THREE people in my bridal party (umm, yea…my husband and I kind of went all out Oprah- “You get to be in our bridal party! And YOU get to be in our bridal party! And YOU! And YOU!”)! Sure enough, on the day of the wedding the weather could not have been lovelier! The sun was out for most of the day, it really only drizzled briefly later in the evening when we were already in our limo on our way to the reception! Perfect, right?! Well, oddly enough, a part of me is a little disappointed that it didn’t rain and that we didn’t get to use our fun umbrellas. I think the pictures would have turned out really cute!

Meet-Lauren-Russo--DIY-Bride-Turned-Designer2The wedding day just flew by and before we knew it, it was over! I’m convinced that there is nothing any couple can do to prevent that from happening. I think it’s just the nature of the day. I was pretty bummed when it was over; I felt like the whole day was a dream, one of my most favorite dreams, but really, only a surreal-like out of body experience. Thank goodness for photographers and videographers because once I started getting some photos back, I started to feel better. Initially, when we got our pictures back from our photographer we had all intentions of going through him for our wedding album.

Meet-Lauren-Russo--DIY-Bride-Turned-Designer1Now, I loved our photographer, he really did the most amazing job, but when I found out how much more money it was going to cost, I started looking into other options. So I scoured the Internet looking into DIY wedding album designs. I looked into a couple and checked out their reviews as well as any YouTube videos showcasing different sites and their products. I actually even wound up downloading some software from a couple of different album designing sites, Fizara being one of them. Fizara’s software, out of the all others, was extremely user friendly with a lot of designing features that allowed me to be super creative. Pre Fizara, when I was planning to have my photographer do our wedding album, I remember him suggesting that as I was choosing pictures for the album, that I choose pictures that help tell to the story of the day. This advice was something I kept in mind while designing my own album- and something I will continue to carry on as I continue to design albums. I wound up choosing Fizara’s 11×14 Classic Flush Mount Photo Album in metallic pearl color. I was truly able to customize every detail of my album; the thickness of the pages, the amount of pages, as well as being able to alter every page to my liking. I ran into a minor glitch on my computer while designing my album, so I immediately contacted Fizara’s customer support via email, and that same day I received an email from support on how to trouble shoot my issue. I really could not have been more impressed with how helpful Fizara support was; their advice worked perfectly. When I finally ordered and received my album, it far exceeded my expectations! It came out more beautifully than I could have hoped! Thank you, Fizara!

Meet-Lauren-Russo--DIY-Bride-Turned-Designer4I loved creating my album so much! I loved how Fizara’s software easily allowed me to be as creative as I could be. I truly cannot be more excited to continue to put the same energy and compassion into creating albums for all the beautiful brides out there!

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