It’s pretty, it smells good and you can order it in bulk. What’s not to love about lavender? Here’s a list of our absolutely favorite lavender wedding details for inspiration.

1. Send pressed lavender invitations. Dried, pressed flowers make gorgeous paper crafts – what better way to add a touch of something special to your wedding invitations? Try something soft and pretty like this from Etsy, or choose something with burlap accents for a more country feel, like these, also on Etsy.

2. Mix it into your wedding bouquet. It’ll add texture, and it’s cheaper than big blooms. Or use a big bunch of lavender as your entire bouquet for a rustic or country feel. With a single type of plant, it’s easy to do it yourself with a wide satin ribbon and stick pins.

Lavender Wedding Bouquet

3. Wear it as a scent. There are so many varieties of lavender-scented perfume. If you’re a purist, try a light dab of lavender essential oil. Caswell-Massey does wonderful things with their floral perfumes (see: English Lavender Signature Scent, or try something with an accent, like Sephora’s vanilla lavender perfume (see: Lavanila). Plus, it’s said to promote relaxation – perfect for the bride in the hours leading up to the ceremony!

4. Use as accents in boutonnieres. Tie a small bunch together at varying heights and finish with a bit of twine or raffia. Check out these DIY instructions from The East Coast Bride.

Lavender Wedding  Boutonnieres

5. Have the flower girl toss lavender buds instead of rose petals. Order bags of dried lavender buds in bulk. Some vendors will even mix in other dried buds for variety. Put them in a basket for the flower girl to distribute down the aisle before you make your entrance.

6. Toss as confetti. Place dried lavender buds in a basket with a stack of pretty paper cones nearby. Guests can scoop lavender into the cones to toss at the happy couple as they depart. It’s environmentally friendly!

7. Serve lemon-lavender cake and tea. This is an especially great option if you’re dining in the late afternoon, as it’s a bit like coffee cake. Perhaps as slices of lemon-lavender cake and tea as guests arrive before the ceremony? Here’s a recipe from The Answer is Cake. If lemon isn’t your flavor, lavender also pairs nicely with almond or chamomile. You could also opt for serving lavender butter cookies on the saucer alongside tea and coffee after dinner. Or these lovely macarons with lavender butter cream frosting. Or cupcakes! Lavender is perfect for baked goods.

Lavender Cupcakes

8. Decorate your cake with lavender. Even if you’re not crazy about lavender as a flavor, it still looks amazing on a tiered wedding cake as decoration.

9. Give sachets as wedding favors. You can make them ahead of time with dried lavender and drawstring organza bags, or you can leave out baskets of supplies and let guests scoop their own. If you’d prefer to avoid the extra work, you can order ready-made sachets in different fabrics or with sayings stamped on.

10. Make lavender-infused bath salts as a favor. All you need is Epsom salt, lavender essential oil and some big ziplock bags. Homemade Gift Guru has instructions online.

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