• Kids Portrait Ideas for Summertime

10 Creative Kids Portrait Ideas for Summertime

Summer is upon us, and in North America, that means school is out! What this means for the professional or amateur family photographer is a whole bunch of extra time and potential adventures during which taking some children’s portraits becomes a little more inspiring. The summer is ripe with memories and moments to capture them as families take extra time to enjoy the warm weather and holiday feel! Camping and outdoor adventures abound, and even rainy days have a warmth about them…

Here’s 10 kids portrait ideas we absolutely love – a little inspiration for having fun and taking some summery happy snaps while you’re at it!

The great outdoors is the best source of light for crisp, focused images! Add the extra sunlight hours in some latitudes, and the extra special activities people engage in during the season for outdoor play, and you’ve got a perfect opportunity for summer photos. Attempting to take some crazy shots while your kids jump on the trampoline is an easy way of keeping them in one spot for a while and an awesome way to capture unique poses and facial expressions while they bounce away (your job is to snap away)! Kids will love seeing images of themselves suspended in the air, being their silly selves.

Summer Pictures- In AirPhoto credit: Tout Petit Pixel

Water (and watermelon!) are also fun ways of capturing kids having fun. The great thing about taking portraits in a fun environment is the way they end up just being themselves and totally present in the moment. This is the time and place to capture authentic smiles instead of just smiling for the camera…

Summer Pictures- Baby FeetPhoto credit: Chica Chica Babies

Summer Pictures- WatermelonPhoto credit: Jamie Y Photography

There is still plenty of lovely natural light to be had during the summertime if you end up having to spend your day indoors. Lazy mornings and more daylight hours mean a little more downtime with natural light. Having a bit of a slow morning in bed with the sun streaming in the window and everyone fresh and ready for the day is a good way of catching your littlest ones at their best.

Summer Pictures- Family in BedPhoto credit: Captured Simplicity

Rainy day? Not a problem in the summer months. Get out there (but protect your camera!) and take some shots of little people playing out in the warmth of the summer rain.

Summer Pictures- Rainy DayPhoto credit: Jess Gatlyn Photography

Summer Pictures- Rainy Day BabyPhoto credit: Images by Cassandra

If playing it safe with your camera means you want to stay indoors for your rainy day portrait, stick to listening to the rain through an open window and engaging in some quiet activities such as crafts or reading. The bonus to having a white piece of paper in proximity to your child’s face is that you are creating a natural reflector for the indirect light from the window which makes for more well-lit skin tones.

Summer Pictures- PaintingPhoto credit: Amy Lee Photography

Digital underwater cameras are also becoming more accessible, and this is an awesome way of making some interesting shots while having fun during a summer activity. As with anything out of the ordinary, kids will love seeing themselves as they appear underwater post-photo shoot.

Summer Pictures- Underwater HulaPhoto credit: Alix Martinez Photography

This brings us to our final classic summer pastime. Popsicle and ice cream-eating! Frosty treats and the party atmosphere of summer make it highly likely that your little one will be indulging in an icy treat at some point! If you find yourself eating ice cream or a popsicle (or both!) with a toddler and a sparse background, take the opportunity to whip off their clothes and focus on their delicious faces while they enjoy the melting sweetness!

Summer Pictures- Ice CreamPhoto credit: Diane and Mike Photography

Summer Pictures- PopsiclePhoto credit: Summer Murdock Photography

Good luck capturing your summer fun! Hopefully these ideas for easy and fun photo opportunities help you to savor some beautiful memories this season.

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