Over the summer, we talked about distillery wedding venues. Today, I have the most gorgeous holiday wedding to share with you, held at Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan. Journeyman is a grain-to-glass distillery – meaning everything is done by hand; from milling the grain to serving the products. Journeyman uses only locally-sourced Midwest grains, and produces certified organic, authentic spirits. They’re even certified kosher! Journeyman produces a full line of spirits but their main focus has been whiskey – 6 different kinds to be exact.  The couple are Journeyman owners/operators, Johanna and Bill. Together with their 2-year-old daughter, Islay, and 40 of their family and friends, Johanna and Bill made it official. Johanna and Bill worked closely with trusted local vendors to give their wedding the same love and attention to detail as they have with every aspect of their business. This intimate, late December wedding featured lush greenery, brass candlesticks, a macaroon bar, and of course, all the craft spirits you could want. Photography services provided by the creatives at Lamb + Lark Photography. Johanna and Bill’s distillery wedding is so swoon-worthy, it will have you giving Winter weddings a second thought; and in the Midwest at that! Here, Johanna tells us a little about her big day.

We love the quaint setting of the village of Three Oaks. We love the history. The village was put on the map in the 1800’s by E.K. Warren. He reinvented women’s corsets. The distillery is in the historic Featherbone Factory where Warren produced corsets and buggy whips. The authentic spirit of the building was something that we wanted to preserve and we felt that same spirit of authenticity and craftsmanship is echoed in our spirits. The building needed a lot of restoration. Our distillery maintained that industrial feel in it’s structural aspects, but with a modern aesthetic. We wanted a really laid back event. The ceremony and reception spaces are non traditional and casual.

The inspiration for the wedding was my emerald ring. We designed the ring and used a family jeweler in town to create it. It worked out perfectly because we wanted to use local artisans, vendors, suppliers – everything local. All of the garlands were from our local farm, down the road, Pinecrest Tree Farm. Our distillery chef, Luke, made the meal used locally-raised beef, and seasonal ingredients for all of the food.

Johanna + Bill1
The mini baguettes were made by Colleen at Froehlichs, here in town.Johanna+Bill21Johanna+Bill22
We are currently renovating the second floor of the distillery into an 8,000 square foot event space. The upstairs space was the perfect space for the photos. It has really great light and textures.Johanna + Bill3Johanna + Bill4Johanna+Bill28
My dress was from Anthropologie’s bridal line, BHLDN. It was dove grey and non traditional. I had my seamstress remove a layer of tulle and create a little half shawl. I made my gold sequined belt with supplies I found on Etsy.Johanna+Bill27Johanna + Bill5Johanna + Bill7Johanna + Bill6Johanna + Bill8Johanna+Bill23 Johanna+Bill24
The bagpiper came from Metro Detroit. We wanted to give a nod to Bill’s Scottish ancestry as well as the industry we are in. He welcomed guests to the distillery for the ceremony and then led everyone down the road to the house after.Johanna+Bill30Johanna+Bill25Islay is named after a beautiful island off the coast of Scotland. She, and our niece, Grace, were our flower girls. Bill’s sister officiated. It was truly a family affair.Johanna + Bill10Johanna+Bill31Johanna + Bill11
Immediately following our ceremony, we celebrated with a toast of our Ravenswood Rye in the tasting bar.
Johanna + Bill12
The reception was held at the original E.K. Warren office headquarters that was renovated into a 7,000 square foot, 5 bedroom industrial loft home at the end of the Featherbone building. We purchased the home and are planning to rent it as a vacation home starting this Spring.Johanna+Bill29
The flowers, flower crowns, and boutonniere were all made by a woman who sells flowers at the local farmer’s market. Islay’s dress was bought at an artisan fair in Indiana.Johanna + Bill13The cake and macaroons came from a vendor in nearby Valporaiso.
Johanna and Bill's Distillery Wedding
The candlesticks I found mostly on eBay. The teacups I rented from a local rental place, Classic Catering. I wanted a mix of mismatched vintage plates and tea cups for the desserts.Johanna+Bill26Our guests were each given a sample pack of three of our whiskeys.Johanna + Bill17Johanna and Bill asked their guests to help fill a barrel which will be opened and topped off on every wedding anniversary; to compare the maturing of whiskey over time to the growth and maturing of their marriage and family.Johanna+Bill32Johanna+Bill33Johanna + Bill19Johanna + Bill18Johanna + Bill16Johanna + Bill9Does this gorgeous wedding have you rethinking Winter weddings? How about non traditional venues?

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