Let go of all worries and take a ride through Italy’s iconic southern coast. While many envision vacations to Rome or Milan when heading to Italy, the Amalfi Coast and surrounding hotspots is where the true heart of this beautiful country lies. There are a dozen or so small villages along the coast and up in the scenic hills to explore. The roads can be narrow and wind around the cliffs with hairpin turns, but by taking it slow and savoring the views it is a wonderful road trip experience. What could be more romantic than sharing a bottle of Prosecco with your new spouse in a passionate place like Italy? Choose a little villa to cozy up in and get ready for the ultimate European honeymoon experience.

Let’s begin just outside the town of Amalfi in the middle of these protected UNESCO coastline. Although visiting in the summer is the high season, these views can be enjoyed year around – as this was taken in February on a gorgeous sunny day.

amalfi coastline in the sun by Eileen Cotter Wright

In the actual village on Amalfi, couples can discover a wealth of beauty. Like stepping back in time, the gorgeous architecture, flora and cobblestone streets make for a romantic ambiance. Have some homemade pasta in the piazza, then check out the old fashioned cars and ocean views down by the harbor.

small car in amalfi italy by Eileen Cotter Wright

Some areas are just beautiful for a quick drive by. Smaller villages such as Postiano have charm and some incredible views from above in the cliffs. Here is a small beach surrounded by fishing boats on dry land for the winter.

tiny fishing village italy by Eileen Cotter Wright

Although technically not on the Amalfi coast, a drive to Sorrento on the opposite side of the peninsula is well worth your time. This is very much a local town, with plenty of piazza space and pizza joints for lunch. Walk through narrow streets to discover small churches and plenty of lemoncello shops.

sorrento italy yellow building by Eileen Cotter Wright

Prosciutto is often served alone, with melon or pictured here with mozzarella. Choose the fresh made buffalata mozzarella over melon in the off season.

param ham and mozzarella by Eileen Cotter Wright

Back in Amalfi, head up into the hills to enjoy the sun setting over the cliffside towns.

sun starting to set over mountain cliffs amalfi coast by Eileen Cotter Wright

Staying in the village of Ravello is a great alternative to the bustling coastal towns. It only has a few restaurants and things to do, but provides sweeping views of the ocean below and tons of privacy for a honeymoon. Make sure to visit the Rufolo Villa that boasts curated gardens and hoasts the Ravello music festival in the summer.

covered vien terrace in ravello italy by Eileen Cotter Wright

Inside the Rufolo villa are examples of architecture dating back centuries, including sunny courtyards and art installations. There’s also a few lawn full of orange trees that create a lovely citrus scent.

rufelo villa italy by Eileen Cotter Wright

Lavender grows all year and often lines walkways for a pretty setting for a stroll.

lavender plants with pottery in Italy

Of course, don’t forget the pasta! Order on the menu as described and let the incredible Italian cooks take over. Try something new too – including pesto, fresh veggies and even hot chili oil varieties. Make sure the menu says homemade – it’s the only way to eat in Italy.

zucchini pasta in amalfi italy by Eileen Cotter Wright

Have a wonderful time! Where did you spend your honeymoon? Was it a new destination for you and your spouse?
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All photos by Eileen Cotter Wright of Pure Wander.