Weddings are serious business. The beautiful gown, meaningful vows, and impeccable details. We’ve been talking about invitations recently and these pretty papers often set the tone for the whole wedding. They give guests a glimpse of what to expect on the big day. The invitations have to be perfect.

Hilarious-Wedding-Invitations-to-Lighten-the-Mood5Photo credit: Kelli Anderson via Today

Why are weddings such serious business? They’re just the celebration of two people vowing to join their lives together. Forever. That’s all. “Til death do us part” is definitely not something to take lightly, however, we can still have a little fun when it comes to nuptials. If you’re seemingly stuck in a very serious Tuesday, here are some hilarious wedding invitations to lighten the mood. See if you can spot the prank in this, otherwise serious save-the-date.

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Photo credit: Ellen Forney via Today

Bored Panda has rounded up some of the most hilarious wedding RSVP reply cards of all time. The Nicholas Cage background seems like an inside joke, that hopefully everyone invited to the wedding will understand – and appreciate. So if you’re stuck at work on this Tuesday, remember, it’s not so serious, here are Bored Panda’s 9 hilarious wedding RSVP’s.

Hilarious-Wedding-Invitations-to-Lighten-the-Mood2Photo credit: via Bored Panda