Food trucks have quickly become the hottest culinary phenomenon to hit the streets! One of the funnest wedding trends to follow has been to host a food truck wedding. Food trucks can bring an informal and carnival-like atmosphere to the feel of your reception. They are fun, great conversation starters and an awesome excuse for folks to mingle while they sip their drink and wait in line. There are some great bonuses to this concept and if you do your planning and research you should have no trouble hiring trucks to dish out delicious, trendy and affordable eats for your guests without any stress…

Food Truck Wedding

Do the Math

The Knot recommends planning to have approximately one truck for every 75 guests. This calculation may vary depending on a few factors such as whether the style of food provided by the truck is a full-blown meal, or suited more to snacking.

Hiring food trucks is also potentially much more affordable than other traditional forms of catering partly because food truck operators are used to preparing and organizing to feed large numbers of people while on the road. Estimated cost per head ranges between $15-$20 depending on the vendor, which is much less than a typical sit-down meal. If you have multiple trucks lined up, guests can mix and match different foods and go back for seconds!

With multiple trucks you can provide guests with a variety of foods to choose from so everyone will have something that appeals to their tastes. One way to speed up the lines with multiple trucks is to make sure the menu options from each truck are limited to between 1 and 3 choices – this makes it easier to dish out food quickly and efficiently and cuts down on the cost per head as well.

Check with your venue regarding what space may be available for trucks to park and assess whether that space is convenient to the sitting area, and whether there are any restrictions on taking drinks outside of the bar. If you are having a backyard wedding or setting up tents, find out whether the food truck you want to hire can make it into the space you had envisioned for them.

Food Truck Wedding

The Service

If you are planning on having a sit-down meal and aren’t sure how to cater your wedding with food trucks while keeping things formal, just remember that a food truck line is pretty much a super hip buffet line! Some trucks may offer to serve dishes buffet style from their truck window. Be sure when booking trucks to look for options that will suit your plans. If you are planning on catering a more informal meal, food trucks may just be the perfect option. Guests can wait in line while chatting or having cocktails and then take their food to the seating area while deciding what to snack on next. Disposable plates are easily accessible and you can ask your food truck provider what options they have available.

If you would like to incorporate a food truck into your wedding but you also want to keep with tradition and host a sit-down meal, a great option could be to have a food truck rock up at 11 pm just as folks are starting to prepare to fortify themselves for more late-night festivities! Hot snacks after a few drinks are a great way of keeping guests in ship-shape for dancing into the wee hours of the morning.

Food Truck Wedding

The Location

With any wedding plans, the season and potential weather have to be taken into account. If you plan on catering a food truck wedding you should definitely consider the season. Most North American weddings take place during spring, summer and fall. A lot of food trucks are out on the road selling hot, fresh and delicious fare rain or shine and have incorporated awnings that pop up over the service window to keep their customers in under cover. Menu options can also cater to the season – if your wedding is likely taking place during the warmer months you will want to book trucks that offer refreshing seasonal foods or icy treats. Conversely if your wedding is potentially taking place in cooler months look for trucks that offer warming foods such as curries, soups and comfort foods.

Good luck and have fun planning how to cater your wedding with food trucks! If you have your heart set on hosting a food truck wedding, the next big question is which trucks to hire!


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