Are you planning a Fall wedding? You may be getting the details in order for your upcoming event, or maybe you are newly engaged and thinking ahead to next year. Either way, there are some fantastic reasons to plan for autumn nuptials. While many newly engaged couples immediately think: summer sun, strapless gowns, and light breezes, before you go planning that barefoot beach wedding, consider falling in love with some beautiful fall wedding trends.

Some pros of planning a Fall wedding are: less competition for venues, photographers, and friends with the same wedding date. Also, less bugs, sweat, and humidity! There are also a ton of different and often overlooked options for everything from decor to dress – meaning – even if you aren’t the most savvy, DIY bride, chances are there are some fun Fall trends that your guests have never seen before.

For starters, you can choose from a Fall color palette: In a summer sea of baby pinks and mint greens, navy, plum, gold, burnt orange, and emerald are a breath of fresh air in a wedding color palette. These enchanting hues are rich, dramatic, and royal; fitting for Fall weddings. Deep, bold colors and jewel tones are perfect for crisp Fall days and nights. Not to mention the fabric options you have with Fall attire and decor. No, we’re not talking about plaid flannel. Velvet, silk, burlap, and lace are all textures that will work beautifully into your Fall formal wear, tables, and scheme,




Fun Fall foods: Everyone loves some comfort food. A Fall wedding can be the perfect time to say, ‘sayonara,’ to the gazpacho and ‘hellooo’ to some warm tomato soup and grilled cheese shooters.


You can get playful with desserts. Favorite Fall treats, like hand-dipped caramel apples, can be easily incorporated into a celebration.


A little to-go box with the fixin’s for s’mores can be an adorable guest takeaway.


There are more options than the strapless wedding dress. Fall in love with a gorgeous long-sleeved lace gown (a’la Grace Kelly or Kate Middleton) but can’t imagine wearing it through your 80 degree event? These beauties are elegant and perfect for a cool autumn day or brisk evening affair. Indulge in finger-length lace and channel your inner princess.


Be on the lookout this Fall wedding season for some of these fun Fall trends, and we think you may even start to reimagine your own big day.


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