Fall is finally here, and it’s time to take full advantage of its natural beauty. A very popular time of year for family photography, fall gives you the perfect palette to get started with early holiday cards and gifts. Not only that, a fall family photo shoot is a great way of getting into the holiday season and spending quality time with you family.

Playing in leaves

A standard shot for any fall family photo is playing in the leaves. These photos are particularly great, as you can forget about poses and get some fantastic candid shots of you and your family having fun. Let the kids do what they do best and let the camera snap away. These family photos work particularly well for canvas prints.

Fall Photo IdeasPhoto credit: The Dating Divas


Using the natural light and colors of the backdrop, join hands and go for a stroll in the beautiful surroundings. You can shoot these photos from behind, front, or side, and some great ideas include kids on shoulders, groupings of mom & daughter, dad & son, or kids in front, parents in back. Again, these shots work best when they are as natural as possible. No looking directly at the camera!

Fall Photo IdeasPhoto credit: Melissa Treen


Light up your fall family photo with no extra tools or equipment – just the stunning beauty of the bright autumnal sun bursting through the trees. Not only will the light and the colors of the leaves look striking and picturesque, but backlit photos are extremely flattering for everyone in the photo. Backlit photos are an all-round winner!

Fall Family Photo IdeasPhoto credit: Painting with Sunlight Photography


Kids’ playtime

Your fall family photos don’t need to include all of the family in every shot, so focusing a few on just the kids is a great idea, too. No script, no poses, just uninhibited kiddy playtime. Sometimes, unplanned photographs make for the best ones, so let your kids have some fun at the end of the photo shoot, or whenever they start feeling restless. It keeps your photo shoot fun and enjoyable, and you may be surprised at the gems you find.

Fall Family Photo IdeasPhoto credit: Sarah Noda/Natural Kids Photography



What’s fall without a few pumpkins thrown into the mix? While your photographer will be able to supply a display of pumpkins, for a money-saving idea, pick some up at your local supermarket. You can then re-use them to decorate your home and front porch afterwards. Pumpkin fall photos look especially cute with newborns or young babies: a huge pumpkin patch provides a great bedding area for your sleeping babe.

Fall Family Photo IdeasPhoto credit: Chelsea Elizabeth Photography


If your fall photo shoot is on a bright enough day, head into the woods for some earthy, rustic shots. Make sure the area isn’t to densely populated with trees that it blocks out all natural light – the key is to use what is around you. The kids will also love exploring.

Fall Family Photo IdeasPhoto credit: CWR Photography



Without being too matchy-matchy, you want to keep your family’s outfits minimal in color and patterns. Pastels and mute colors will ensure the focus of the photos is on you and the colors of fall, not your clothing. Alternatively, your clothing could complement the background. Go for browns, reds, oranges, and dark purples to blend in with your surroundings.

Fall Family Photo IdeasPhoto credit: Arising Images


If you want the style of your photos to be as natural as possible, there should be no chairs or unnatural props in them. Embrace the season and spread out on the ground amongst the leaves, set up on some steps or rocks, or a fallen tree in the woods. Okay, we will allow an unobtrusive blanket if the ground is a little wet!

Fall Family Photo IdeasPhoto credit: Photography by Asiya

Banner Photo credit: Yvonne Niemann Photography