It seems silly even to consider advice like this, but some many brides get so stressed or nervous that their wedding day is over before they even had a chance to savor a bite of cake!

STEP 1: Start getting serious about a week before the wedding…

The Serious Stuff: Start about a week before your wedding day making sure everything is in order. You’ll want to call all your vendors and confirm orders and arrival times. Also give the final headcount to your caterer, and check in with the photographer one more time about the wedding day timeline. While you’re at it, go to the ATM to get cash for tips, and sort it out into envelopes labeled for each vendor.

Work out a timeline with your photographer, and build in a fair bit of extra time, so you don’t feel rushed. Share it with your wedding party, then delegate tasks like guarding the gift table, point person for vendors and handing out tips.

Make sure you’ve figured out where to go and when to get your wedding license, and what you’ll need to bring. And remember the little things – gel insoles for your heels, body-contouring undies, hairspray and such.

The Fun Stuff: Get your hair cut and colored. Go for a massage. Get a manicure. Take your fiancé on a date. Prepare healthy meals. Take deep breaths.

have fun on your wedding day

STEP 2: The day before, tie up loose ends and gather everything you’ll need for your wedding day…

The Serious Stuff: Get your kit together: safety pins, bobby pins, oil-blotting tissues, tissues for tears, lip balm, mints, a mini deodorant and any other toiletries you might want. Pack a pair of flip flops or comfy flats to change into just in case. Make sure your dress and his suit are steamed and already picked up – don’t forget about veils, ties, handkerchiefs and any other accessories you’re wearing. Gather up those tip envelopes, too. Put everything in a tote bag you can easily grab in the morning.

Are you packed for your honeymoon? Make sure the suitcases are already in the trunk of your car or at the hotel you’re staying in that night.

The Fun Stuff: Have a heart-to-heart with mom, sister or best friend. Get out any jitters, ask advice, let them tell you how awesome you are and what a great couple you two make.

Then give that person your cell phone. Seriously, you don’t need to be fielding calls about lost guests the day before your wedding (or on wedding day). Let someone else handle that.

Enjoy your rehearsal dinner, and don’t overdo it on the wine. One or two glasses max to help you relax. Then go to bed early (yep, that counts as “fun”).

have fun on wedding day

STEP 3: Happy wedding day!

The Fun Stuff: It’s your wedding day; it’s all supposed to be fun. Start with breakfast, even if you’re too excited to eat. Go out for brunch with the girls or treat yourself to room service in bed.

Put on a comfy outfit, grab your pre-packed tote, wedding dress and veil, and head to the venue

Once there, let you mom, wedding coordinator, or designated friend handle the vendors and guests. Trust them. They can handle it. There is no need for you to sweat the details at this point – you’ve done as much as you can.

That’s it! All it takes is a bit of pre-planning to make sure everything is in order, so you can enjoy your big day stress-free.