No matter how much we plan, we all have those unplanned and unpredictable moments in our life. They are unavoidable, and can even happen on your wedding day. So what to do when a manic horse’s face jumps into the lens at the last second, or you accidentally flash your underwear at the camera on your big day? Sometimes, even the most unsightly wedding photography gone awry can actually turn out to be a gem; the snapshot people stop to admire when looking through your wedding album, or even frame-worthy. Show you sense of humor, let go of your ‘perfect’ wedding photography ideals, and embrace the blooper reel.

How to Embrace Wedding Photo MistakesPhoto credit: Flickr

Make a separate album

Chances are, you will have more bloopers than you expect, and if you’ve hired a photographer you might as well keep them as they are already paid for! Tell the wedding photographer not to scrap the bad ones, and turn them into a separate album. This collection of photos will stir up more happy memories than you think.

Trying to get the shot

Whether it’s a jumping shot, a ‘carrying the bride’ shot, or spelling out words, it’s rare to get this right on the first try, so learn to laugh at yourselves. These ‘trying to get the shot’ wedding photos can actually be great and very funny. See the beauty and awesomeness in the ‘almost’ photos.

old man in front of wedding party photobombPhoto credit: Lisa Robinson Photography

See past the imperfection

If a photo isn’t perfect, people often throw it away without properly looking at it. Don’t fall into this trap; take a minute to truly look at the photo. Maybe it captures a really authentic moment, or there is something amusing going on in the background, or there is just a lot going on to look at. Sometimes imperfection is actually perfect.

Animals and children

If you are brave enough to have both animals and children at your wedding, then you need to be brave enough to embrace the catastrophes that may ensue when it comes to your wedding photography. Although the most risky when posing for your photos, the bloopers an turn out to be the most hilarious, and provide some absolute gems. From animal photo bombers to wailing children, these really should be added to your wedding album.

Photo credit WPJA2Photo credit: WPJA

Shots for your bridal party

Amongst the silly and sweet photos of the bridal party, there are bound to be some candid moments. If you’re lucky, some of these candid shots will capture the connection between all of you. No matter how silly or un-posed, a true moment of your group is priceless. Find a good one and make a copy for all the girls. Or, simply pay homage to the best “Bridesmaids’ movie ever!

bridesmaids looking bored funny by weddbook
Photo credit: Weddbook

Frame the silly ones

Your home will be covered with stunning photos from your wedding, so frame a couple of goofy ones. Showing you have a sense of humor about your wedding and your relationship will add a fun element to your décor and let your personalities shine.

crazy viel wind black and white Photo credit Aves Photographic DesignPhoto credit: Aves Photographic Design


Easier said than done, but try to relax and let go of all your anxieties. It’s a wedding, not a choreographed dance, and there is no way everything will fall magically into place. Embrace the madness and the ugliness and have fun.

man jogger photobomb wedding partyPhoto credit: WPJA