Many brides dream of a huge, fancy wedding, surrounded by family and friends as they take their vows to love and cherish the groom forever. But for some ladies, the idea of a quiet, intimate ceremony with no one to think about but your best friend for life is much more appealing. Your friends and family may not be so eager to let you tie the knot all by your lonesome, but remember who the most important people are on this, the best day of your life: you and your partner.

That said, there’s no reason Mom, Aunt Edna and your best friend since second grade can’t at least get a peek into what the nuptials were like. In fact, one of the best ways to keep your would-be wedding party happy is to literally show them how it all went down and genuinely thank them for letting you enjoy this moment the way you wanted. There’s no perfect formula for following up an elopement in style, but we like to think these guidelines will get the job done well.

First, Get the Photos

It’s pretty difficult to show off the lifelong deal you made without actually having photos, and with no guest iPhones to pick up the slack, it’s important to ensure you book a photographer. Most wedding photographers are well-versed in the language of elopements and are happy to accompany you wherever you’ve chosen to take your vows and provide you with a stunning selection of photographic memories.

How to Keep Your Family Happy with a Beautiful Elopement Photo Book Keepsake Photo credit: Sarah Kate Photography

The Right Photos

With any wedding, full crowd or not, it’s important to communicate with your photographer. Let him or her know what you want from the event, and let your personality shine so that you emerge a married woman with gorgeous shots that capture your personal experience perfectly.

Do Some Writing

Photographs are excellent ways to invite your friends and family to your wedding after the fact, but the power of words never fades. True, your photos will most likely be worth 1,000 words, but adding a few personalized snippets to post-announce your union doesn’t hurt. Besides, who doesn’t want to brag about being a part of a beautiful newlywed couple, ready to take on the world? Pencil in some time to sit down and write out the announcement of your wedding to let those you love know that you’ve committed to your partner, officially!

Let Fizara Help

Once you’ve chosen your photos and written your announcement, it’s ok to ask for a little help with designing your perfect wedding album. In fact, Fizara Album Designer was made for that exact reason! Check out our download page and get started on creating a gorgeous, customized wedding album in as little as one minute!

How to Keep Your Family Happy with a Beautiful Elopement Photo Book Keepsake Photo credit: Chelsea Nicole Photography

Earn Your Designer Stripes

Just because you’ve enlisted the help of professional designing software doesn’t mean you don’t get to be hands on, all the way through. This is your wedding announcement to your friends and family. Why shouldn’t it be all about you? Fizara Album Designer can import your photos and prepare them for your album, but ultimately, the creative control is in your hands, from selecting photo order to using templates and much more. We’re here to make it easier to be you.

Get Fancy

We know some photo albums are all about the photography, and essentially, ours are too, but sometimes page after page of same sized photos just doesn’t do the trick. Try using a template, whether different for alternating pages or the same throughout, to pepper in pictures of different sizes and bring focus to your favorite shots.

Since your loved ones weren’t present for your ceremony, using text overlays can be even more helpful for an elopement photo book. Did you and your significant other have a favorite spot in the elopement location? Let your friends and family know! Think your flowers look stunning in a certain photo? Call them out! Folks want to know all about how things went. Don’t just show them; tell them!

Wrap It Up

We know we’re not supposed to judge books by their covers, but it’s just so easy to forget! Thankfully, with a photo album, you can put your best face(s) first and give everyone a reason to open up to the pages.

Once you’ve created the perfect wedding album for your elopement, spend some time with your new hubby and choose the best of the best to grace the cover of your new book about love. While you’re at it, choose the cover style as well! Fizara offers lots of options for displaying your nuptials, and again, the choice is yours! When you come to an agreement about your personal album, get started on making your “guests'” photo book keepsake just as gorgeous.

How to Keep Your Family Happy with a Beautiful Elopement Photo Book Keepsake Photo credit: Katie Jane Photography

Get Personal

The only thing better than a customized elopement photo book is one that comes delivered with a heartfelt, personalized message. Chances are, you’re not sending photo books to hundreds of people, so take a few moments to write a genuine, personal note for each recipient of your selection of memories. Weddings are very emotional events, and they missed the best part, so put a little extra love into your album!

Bottom line, your marriage to your partner in crime is a beautiful day, no matter how many people are watching, and your friends and family most likely want to be part of that. Just because they didn’t attend the ceremony, doesn’t mean they can’t see how gorgeous it was, and a personalized photo book helps to keep the memory of your big day vivid for everyone.