With travel on nearly every bucket list and constant photo sharing on the rise thanks to social media, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to understanding why creating a personal travel journal is appealing. There are various ways to format and share your worldwide experiences, from blogs to slideshows to books and everything in between. With that much information, it’s no wonder some find themselves overwhelmed. Thankfully, we know a thing or two about creating a beautiful collection of photos, no matter what the theme. Take a peek at some of our tips for creating the perfect travel journal.

Redefine Travel

6 Tips to Create Your Own DIY Travel JournalPhoto credit: Ash Clark, The Most Alive

Just because it’s possible to travel around the entire world and capture images of beauty in every culture doesn’t mean that’s the only way to go. Who says you can’t create a travel journal of your first trip to your favorite U.S. city, or a personal book about road trips with your family or best friend? Travel is travel, and with the right photography, you can show off beautiful pictures no matter where your trip takes you, so if you’re waiting to make that journal until you earn your next passport stamp, the wait is over!

Stick to a Script

6 Tips to Create Your Own DIY Travel JournalPhoto credit: David Giral Photography

Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of creativity, but it definitely helps to pick a theme of some sort when building a shareable story with photography. How you work with your theme and what you decide to use as glue for your travel record is completely up to you, but whether you decide to go with a chronological recollection of your trip or a variety of photos all pertaining to “Eats from East to West,” don’t neglect choosing an organizational system for your travel journal.

Draw a Crowd

6 Tips to Create Your Own DIY Travel JournalPhoto credit: Kristian Leven Photography

The only thing more satisfying than actually creating your travel journal is sharing it with others. We all know we shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but frankly, the title does the talking when working to recruit an audience. Sure, you could name your travel journal “My Trip to Egypt, China and London” but you could also name it “Hopping Continents: One Man’s Story.” Which book would you rather open? Take a few moments to give your journal a catchy title that captures how awesome your travels really were.

Keep Them Captivated

6 Tips to Create Your Own DIY Travel JournalPhoto credit: Nik Daum Photography

Once you’ve reeled in an audience with your creative title, turn up the formatting charm and keep them around. Rather than group your photos by specific location or subject matter, try intermingling your favorite, breathtaking photographs with more normal pictures, like shopping in a mercado (Spanish market). You may not think photographs of fresh mangoes or a roadside traveler have a place among shots of world wonders, but as long as the photos fit your theme and chronology, mixing up “everyday” photos and awe-inspiring pictures can transform your book into a page-turner. Literally.

Put Yourself Into It

6 Tips to Create Your Own DIY Travel JournalPhoto credit: Marcelo Castro Photography

Travel photos alone are pretty amazing pieces of art, but for a travel journal, nothing beats adding a personal touch to the lasting memory of your life experiences. If possible, a great way to do this is by including yourself in a few of the photos. If you’re not comfortable with this or just prefer to keep on the other side of the camera, supplement your shots with some text. Give your readers a literal glimpse into your travels, then share a personal story about your particular experience to add a relatable bow to your already stunning gift. Even a short caption or text overlay can do the trick!

Get Printed

6 Tips to Create Your Own DIY Travel JournalPhoto credit: Elia Locardi Photography

We’re in the technology age, so no one will be surprised if you choose to share your experiences via blog or other online medium. There is absolutely something to be said for the wider audience and numerous benefits of sharing on a global, technological scale. That said, we’re still book nerds. Once you’ve created a perfect travel haven for all your fans and readers to see, the obvious next step is to publish it old-fashioned style. No matter how many times your computer crashes or your domain name is transferred, a photo book detailing your travels will always be right where you left it, whether on a shelf or on your coffee table for all to see. Fizara can help you there too. We’re dedicated to making photography books and albums easy as pie, so publishing your own travel photo journal is as easy as downloading our software, designing your album and sending your order.

Whether you’re driving across Minnesota or jet-setting to Dubai, creating a travel journal is an easy, fun and lasting way to remember and share meaningful photos and memories of some of the greatest times in life. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your next trip, and share your experience with everyone, even if they’re nowhere close!