Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and in true mom fashion, it’s likely that your mom would much prefer something handmade over store-bought. Like the artwork your mom used to hang on the fridge, there’s something much more meaningful about a gift made from the heart, and by your hands. Check out these D-I-Y tips we’ve collected for creating a Mother’s Day she’ll hold onto forever.

Help Mom “Wine Down”

9 Ways to DIY This Mother's DayPhoto credit: Brit + Co

Moms are known for enjoying a good glass of wine from time to time, and they deserve it! What could be more special than relaxing with a glass of red, and seeing a photograph of your family each time you take a sip? Talk about family time! Thanks to Brit + Co, you can easily personalize your mom’s wine glass to reflect the meaningful things in her life.

Make a Bouquet Even Sweeter

9 Ways to DIY This Mother's DayPhoto credit: Shannon Madigan

Nothing goes better with wine than chocolate, and flowers and chocolate are the ideal expression of love, which is why this handmade chocolate bouquet is a sure winner. Head to the candy store for your mom’s favorite chocolate, pick up a few silk floral pieces and get to arranging with Shannon Madigan’s help!

Whip Up Some Truffles

9 Ways to DIY This Mother's DayPhoto credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Really want to go all out this Mother’s Day? Pass up the store-bought chocolate in favor of some goodies made with love by hers truly. Better Homes and Gardens has an amazing recipe for homemade chocolate truffles as well a few tips on packaging your dipped and drizzled artwork the perfect way. It’s Mom’s day to do what she wants, and chances are she’s a fan of munching on delicious chocolate.

Fizz Away Her Worries

9 Ways to DIY This Mother's DayPhoto credit: Noirin Lynch

Speaking of doing whatever Mom wants, how many moms don’t enjoy a relaxing, splendidly scented bath? Instead of breaking the bank at expensive bath stores, why not make your own bath fuzzies with her favorite scent and color? Noirin Lynch at Playdough to plato shares instruction to do just that. All it takes is a few kitchen ingredients and some shapely molds!

Soften Up

9 Ways to DIY This Mother's DayPhoto credit: Jill Nystul

What’s your favorite thing to do after a good soak? If you’re thinking rub down with some all-natural lotion, we’re on the same page, and so is Jill Nystul. For the lotion fan in your life, take a few tips from her website and create your very own soap for Mom, in whatever shape you can find!

Give Her a Garden

9 Ways to DIY This Mother's DayPhoto credit: Jamielyn

Well…sort of. Mother’s Day is right in the middle of spring, which makes it the perfect time to gift the perfect tools and ingredients for a beautiful garden. If your motherly figure has a favorite flower, grab a few packets of those seeds, along with this list  and spend a few minutes (yeah, just a few minutes!) putting together all she needs to add some homegrown beauties to the yard.

Make Her Kitchen Convenient

9 Ways to DIY This Mother's DayPhoto credit: Jane Edwards

In 2015, most mothers are as tech savvy as the rest of us, and if your mom has a tablet of any kind, it’s a safe bet she’s used it from time to time to try a new recipe. Instead of letting her risk her expensive toy with dirty hands or excess water, help Mom make the kitchen a little more convenient with just a few pieces of wood and some creativity. Jane Edwards took some inspiration from Pottery Barn to put a homemade spin on this kitchen tablet holder, and with just a few materials, you can do the same!

Remember the Good Times

10 Ways to DIY This Mother's Day

You may well be one of your mother’s greatest accomplishments, and nothing will remind her more effectively than a photo album, not only filled with photographs of you and the rest of the family, but also designed specifically for her by those who know her best. Fizara was created for just such an occasion, and with a quick designer download, you can make Mom the perfect memory in as little as a minute!

Be Her Fashion Designer

9 Ways to DIY This Mother's DayPhoto credit: Burcu Avsar Photography

Since pashmina debuted on the streets of New York and slowly leaked down to the rest of the country, scarves have been in fashion year-round. As the years go by, designs get more and more intricate, sparkly, floral and a whole list of other pretty adjectives. But what if your favorite lady isn’t a fan of the traditionally worn neck scarf? Have no fear! There are plenty of other ways to accessorize with these fabrics, and this idea may be one of the best. Instead of an ordinary watch, remove the band and weave a scarf through the watch face slots instead, then instruct Mom to wrap the scarf around her wrist and tie. Hello, chic!

Leave an Imprint

9 Ways to DIY This Mother's DayPhoto credit: Erin Williams Pinkston

Last, but certainly not least, nothing warms a mother’s heart like a constant reminder of the beautiful life that she made. There are plenty of options for wearable memories of the important people in her life, but if gemstone necklaces aren’t in your budget, try this D-I-Y thumbprint necklace on for size instead. It’s a pretty sure bet that Mom will appreciate it much more than a chain she shares with hundreds of women across the world.

Your mom is special; why else would she have her very own day? Think back on all that she’s done throughout your life to make you into the amazing person you are now, and give her a gift that means as much to her as she does to you!