Documenting the lives of your children is a rewarding task that will only grow more enjoyable as the years go on. Arranging all the photos you’ve taken of your kids is a great way to create a keepsake for you and your family to look back on and revel in the memories of those great times you’ve had.

There are so many fun ideas you can use when you’re ready to create a DIY photo album, but if you’re in need of a little help getting your album underway, here are a few options to get you started:

1. Start From The Beginning

One of the most important rules of thumb to keep in mind is sticking to a timeline. As you begin curating which photos you’ll be using in your album and creating the layout in the Fizara Album Designer, make it a point to arrange them in chronological order. Start at the beginning and work your way up to the most current photos.

5 Ways to Create a DIY Photo Album for Your Kids

2. Create A Series

As you look through all the photos you’ve taken over the years, you may soon realize how difficult it can be to condense all the wonderful memories into a single photo album. If your children are still young, or if you have a big collection of photos from your child’s youth, consider creating a series of photo albums, each showing a specific age range. For example, you can create a separate book for newborn through toddler years, a book for preschool through middle school, and one for the teenage years.

5 Ways to Create a DIY Photo Album for Your KidsPhoto credit: Shanna Michelle Photography

3. A Gift That Keeps Giving

What makes a better graduation gift for your child than a photo album full of all their favorite memories? Plus, it’s a gift they can continue to enjoy all throughout their adult lives. If your album is going to be a gift to your child, personalize it by adding a few heartwarming notes, letting them know just how loved they are. You can also add captions to the photos inside Fizara, to tell the stories behind the photos they may have been too young to remember at the time they were taken.

diy-kids-photo-album-1Photo credit: Jess Morgan Photography

4. A Day In The Life

A lot can happen throughout the course of a year and, as a parent, you won’t want to miss a single day of it. A fun project can be to take a photo of your child every day for an entire year and assemble them into a photo album. You can stick to a theme or just keep it simple with a snapshot. This kind of project is suitable for children of any age and is a great way to witness just how much your kids have grown over a set period of time!

5 Ways to Create a DIY Photo Album for Your KidsPhoto credit: Susan Keller Photography

5. Story Time

Another photo album project you can get your children involved in, is to help them write their own short story and take photos of them dressed up as the characters to use as illustrations for their book. Start by deciding on a certain number of pages you’d like in the book, then help your kids craft a story using one or two sentences per page, or every other page. You can easily add a text overlay onto the photos using Fizara Album Designer to complete your book.

diy-kids-photo-album-3Photo credit: David Hauserman Photographer

If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed by the process, take a moment to casually browse through all the photos you have. Oftentimes, just looking at old photos is a great source of inspiration. You can also use this time to organize and sort the photos. Place the ones you know you want to use in their own folder to make it a quick process when the time comes to import them into the designer. Download the Fizara Designer here to create a professional album your kids will treasure for years to come.