Aside from the usual and oh-so-adorable babies in blankets photos, there are some truly amazing and creative opportunities to take advantage of. While you can opt for a custom made outfit by your photographer, there are plenty of money saving ideas that allow you to try out your artistic side and put together an affordable and adorable outfit for your baby.

Paint, stamps, and spray

Fabric paints and sprays may become your new favorite thing. You can pick them up from most craft stores then practice applying on some old clothes first. Use a cut-out emblem or picture (you can easily make your own) and apply to the fabric using a brush or sponge.. If you are going for a repeated pattern, try a fabric stamp. For example, a sailor outfit would be easy to recreate with a plain pair of leggings and an anchor-shaped fabric stamp. Cheap, easy, and fun!

diesel in bloom

Photo credit: Diesel in Bloom

Transfers and appliqué

Again, most fabric and craft stores will hold both of these, and you may find yourself easily addicted once you become adept at how to use them. Transfers require a simple iron-on method, and you can pick up a transfer of pretty much anything. Appliqués take a little more practice with a little artistic talent, patience, ironing, and sewing. If you’re up for a challenge, you can even make and apply your own: check out this easy-to-follow process.

thinking closetPhoto credit: Thinking Closet

Use cheap materials

If you’re already well into DIY projects, you will most likely have a lot of useful material to hand. Raid your supply closet for cheap materials like cotton wool, tulle (netting), or ribbon which can all be adapted for a photo-ready outfit. Take some old clothes, a glue gun and some cotton wool and you have a sheep! With plenty of tulle and a sewing machine, you can easily create a picture perfect ballerina.

martha stewartPhoto credit: Martha Stewart

baby making machinePhoto credit: Baby Making Machine

Glue guns and sewing machines

Invest in a glue gun and sewing machine – these are essentials and will get you a long way. Maybe your circle of parenting friends can invest together or you can borrow from a family friend. However you get your hands on one, you will find them hard to live without after you discover how useful they are for DIY projects.

angel lea designsPhoto credit: Angel Lea Designs

Old house materials

Remember in The Sound of Music when Maria makes clothes for children out of the old curtains? Well, that’s not such a wacky idea – in fact, plenty of moms are turning to old house textiles and ‘upcycling’ them into clothes. Curtains, pillow cases, and even towels can come in super handy, especially for one-off outfits. Why not try the popular shark towel hoodie? Find an old grey towel, stitch together, add felt teeth and voila! A shark hoodie! Here’s the how-to.

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