You guys seem to enjoy the DIY projects and being that, at Fizara, DIY is at our core, why not continue with a good thing? Friday seems like a great day for a DIY. We’re pumped for the weekend, have some free time ahead, and hey, it rhymes with DIY. Today, we’ll DIY a fluffy and fun coffee filter wreath. It’s simple, inexpensive, and there’s something so satisfying about running your hands along the ruffles when you’re done. We made ours with white coffee filters and used a white grosgrain ribbon for a monochromatic, and even a bridal, look – perfect for a shower, or chair backer. You can try dying your coffee filters with coffee – what else – and using some twine for a more natural, rustic look.



Here’s what you’ll need

Styrofoam wreath form of any size

Package of coffee filters. Our was 200 filters and we used about 150

Hot glue gun







1. Take 1 coffee filter and fold it in quarters (fold in half and then in half, again). It will now look like a triangle.


The rounded edge will be the fluffy part of the wreath. The point will be glued to the wreath form.


2. Glue the pointy side to the wreath form.


3. Continue gluing these triangles one underneath the next.


We staggered ours a little to each side as we went to create a fuller, rounder look. You can double up your coffee filters for an even fuller look, or space them further apart for a thinned out wreath.


In this photo you can see the first and third ruffly triangle are more to the right, and the middle is to the left.


Halfway there! If you pre fold all your ruffles ahead of time, the process goes a lot faster.


Once you’re done you can use a paperclip to add a ribbon to the top of the wreath. Just unfold the paperclip and make a loop on one end. Glue the other end to the back of the wreath and string a ribbon through.



 The end result is a full and fluffy, ruffly wreath, that looks nothing like coffee filters! We hope you love this DIY! Happy crafting!