We can all pretend that we attend weddings just to see good friends and family join their lives together in love, but secretly, we know it’s also for the food. The days of full meals and cake only as a sweet dessert are long gone as far as weddings are concerned, replaced by a wide variety of dessert bar buffets delicious enough to drive anyone mad. With endless dessert possibilities, adding a sweets bar to a wedding can be quite an undertaking, but we’re experts in sweet consumption, so we can tell you these are your best choices.

Get Fancy

Head-Turning Sweets Tables for Your ReceptionPhoto Credit: Mel Barlow Photography

Chances are you’re opting for a sweet table in lieu of more “common” desserts like cookies, cakes and ice cream. Macaroons are our first go-to for sprucing up your sweets table in style. Not only do they come in a variety of colors, macaroons look great stacked for your guests and taste pretty awesome too!

Head-Turning Sweets Tables for Your ReceptionPhoto Credit: Brandon Kidd Photography

While we’re talking glamour, is there a more posh topping for desserts than meringue? Whether you top cupcakes, pies or fruit tarts with this whipped sugar, it’s sure to attract every eye in the room for tasting purposes.

Spread It Out

Head-Turning Sweets Tables for Your ReceptionPhoto Credit: This Modern Romance

We’ve been talking about a sweets “table,” but there’s no rule that you can’t have more than one. In fact, spreading your sweets out across two or three tables can create a sort of delicious corner where your friends and family can hang while they load up on goodies or expand the options around the room to prevent a pileup at the dessert area.

Focus on One Sweet

Head-Turning Sweets Tables for Your ReceptionPhoto Credit: A. Blake Photography

Some brides are all about mixing it up, keeping everyone happy at all costs, but it’s also perfectly acceptable to let one dessert hold a monopoly over your sweets table. Whether you go for a general crowd pleaser or your own personal favorite (it is YOUR wedding), don’t hesitate to re-create your “dessert table” as a pie party or cupcake heaven.

Minimize It

Head-Turning Sweets Tables for Your ReceptionPhoto Credit: Jasmine Star Photography

These days it seems we’re all looking for a way to get everything we need in one swoop, and the same goes for desserts. Dessert shots have been on the rise for several years, for good reason. Ever wanted to enjoy a creamy piece of pie without destroying your dress? The creator of these shots had a good thing going, so don’t be afraid to wrap your yummy desserts in tiny packages!

Put it On a Stick

Head-Turning Sweets Tables for Your ReceptionPhoto Credit: Karen, Karen in the Kitchen

In the same way sweets shots are all the rage, if you can put it on a stick to make consumption easier, no one will blame you. In fact, most people will love you! From cake pops to frozen fruitsicles to these strawberry shortcake kabobs, we’re all about eating on the move, especially if it’s tasty.

Drink Your Dessert

Head-Turning Sweets Tables for Your ReceptionPhoto Credit: Canary Grey Photography

We must have missed the memo about dessert table ideas only including food, because as far as we’re concerned, a float bar is absolutely acceptable for any event, especially a wedding. As always, options are totally up to you, but try a single flavor float or let your guests choose between cola, root beer, flavored sodas and more. You can even mix up the ice cream flavors!

Breakfast at the Bar

Head-Turning Sweets Tables for Your ReceptionPhoto Credit: Jesseca, One Sweet Appetite

It’s been a long time since breakfast was confined to the morning hours, so why shouldn’t it be allowed at weddings and other events? Pancakes, donuts, waffles, French toast and lots of other carb-packed breakfast foods make excellent sweets table options, especially if you include customizable toppings for your guest. It’s like a game and a dessert all in one!


Head-Turning Dessert Table Ideas for Your Wedding ReceptionPhoto Credit: Kelly Brown Weddings

Speaking of customizable and trendy, do-it-yourself dessert bars have never been more popular in a time when Pinterest rules the internet. Stay at home moms and life-hackers alike are trolling the web for ways to do everything themselves, and now you can make their dreams come true while delegating some of the wedding decision-making to guests! The most popular incarnation of this dessert table idea is the S’mores bar. A classic s’mores bar with milk chocolate, white marshmallows and graham crackers is always a good way to go, or you can include flavored marshmallows, dark and white chocolates and varying cookies. Or scrap the s’mores altogether and head in direction of a sundae bar or dip-your-own caramel apple station. The possibilities really are endless, and once you choose the options, you’re free to mingle and enjoy your big day!

Even when you aren’t planning a wedding, dessert can be a big choice, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember that no matter what you choose, sweets are delicious, and your guests came to see you get married, not judge a baking contest. They’ll be happy as long as you are!